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to initially instruct and often motivate the patient to perform the self-management therapies.
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Death of the Ether
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different prior to that phenomenon much less quantitative, much more narrative. Much less theoretical, much more descriptive. Or, to borrow from orthodox academicism-speak, much less rigorous, much more unscienti c. Most of the articles in the Journal of Finance (the eld s leading academic publication, founded in 1946) had to do with Federal Reserve policy, the impact of money on prices and business activity, taxation, and issues related to corporate nance, insurance, and accounting. . . . In issues up to 1959 . . . no more than ve articles could be classi ed as theoretical rather than descriptive. The rest contain plenty of numbers but no mathematics. The year 1959 may in fact be seen as the high-water mark for the nontheoretical, descriptive (down to earth ) period of business nance in particular and business academics in general. Soon afterwards, little would be left of the so-called institutionalist approach, having been agrantly railroaded by the new economics like ways. As two B-school staff members put it a few years ago: During the past several decades, many B-schools have quietly adopted an inappropriate, and ultimately self-defeating, model of academic excellence. Instead of measuring themselves . . . by how well their faculties understand important drivers of business performance, they measure themselves almost solely by the rigor of their scienti c research. . . . Some of the research is excellent, but because so little is grounded in actual business practices, the focus of graduate business education has become . . . less and less relevant to practitioners. This scienti c model is predicated on the faulty assumption that business is an academic discipline like chemistry or geology. In fact, business is a profession, akin to medicine and the law. Thus was born the modern system that allows and encourages the churning of mathematically charged nance theories from ivory tower con nes. But why, exactly What initial forces contributed to the challenge to and eventual demise of the old descriptive, nonscienti c order And how were things like before the technical apparatchiks took over A crucial watershed-like turning point, and the purported kick-start to the unfettered theoretization of business academics, were the famous 1959 Gordon-Howell and Pierson reports, sponsored, respectively, by the Ford and Carnegie foundations (which, apparently, believed that the professionalization of management education could aid in the war on communism; also, the high prestige of the natural sciences after WWII encouraged the widespread belief in the 1940s and 1950s that science could be applied to managerial and business problems and that scienti c research into these problems should be supported. ). They blasted business schools for having
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relieved can be identi ed by placing a piece of Accu lm (the black color best marks an appliance) between the appliance and the teeth, and rmly seating and removing the appliance.
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computer-constructed illustrations, these are the most boring pictures she has ever seen. The problem with the scheme provided by information theory is that it takes no account of the viewer.9 In this scheme all viewers are the same
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TMJ dislocation (also known as subluxation) occurs when the condyle catches or locks in front of the articular eminence, causing a patient dif culty or inability of retruding the condyle. This generally occurs at a jaw opening of 45 mm or wider.
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Creating and Managing Virtual Databases Many database applications support the concept of virtual databases. Instead of having only one area that the tables belong in, you can create a virtual database to keep different sets of tables away from each other. The advantage of this is that you only have one application running in memory, while at the same time you have a number of separate databases to prevent clashes or data from one area from spilling into another area. The process of creating virtual databases depends on the database application. Some enable you to use an SQL like command (for example, CREATE DATABASE), while others require you to use a command line tool to initialize a new virtual database. Because of this, we won't give you any examples of setting one up; instead, we refer you to your database documentation. The SQL syntax enables you to address a particular table within a virtual database if you have not explicitly connected to one. Nominating the virtual database in a command is in the form database name'.' table name. To create a new table in a database named test_db, you would use the following syntax:
Implicit Objects
>java JMSPublish2 TopicConnectionFactory message from JMSPublish2" 10 JMSPublish beginning. creating an instance of JMSPublish... sending message: Test message from sending message: Test message from sending message: Test message from sending message: Test message from sending message: Test message from sending message: Test message from sending message: Test message from sending message: Test message from sending message: Test message from sending message: Test message from cleaning up JMSPublish... JMSPublish exiting. > topic/testTopic "Test
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