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<HTML> <HEAD><TITLE>A sample HTML form</TITLE> <BODY bgcolor= #FFDFD7 > <H1 Align= center > <Font color= blue >Login check with JavaScript</Font> </H1><BR><BR>        
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forced choice test format (e.g., the child is either lying or telling the truth) enables researchers to calculate accuracy rates. In child deception detection research it is common to use other formats than a forced choice test. In many experiments adults had to indicate on Likert scales ranging from (1) de nitely not to (7) de nitely, the extent to
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Persistent or durable messages are messages that are preserved even when destination computers are powered down or not responding. When the destination is available, the message is delivered.
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The two standardization fora discussed next relate to Policy-Based Management (PBM) of networks. With limited space available, we cannot fully cover this topic here. Interested reades are invited to study [Kos01] and [Str04], for example. The two books also include examples of how PBM could be used in management of IP-based systems. Further examples relating to potential application to multiservice traf c engineering systems can be found in [Rai03]. The Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF; www.dmft.org) (accessed May 2004) is an industry organization for the development, adoption and interoperability of management standards in Internet and enterprise environments. The DMTF has developed the Common Information Model (CIM) for the purpose of exchanging management information in a platform-independent and technology-neutral way. Other developments include Web-Based Enterprise management (WBEM), targeting the use of Internet technologies. CIM has been perceived as being too abstract to be practical [Str04], even though Quality of Services (QoS) was used as a representative application. The Directory Enabled Networking (DEN) initiative was conceived to provide building blocks for management by mapping CIM concepts to directories and integrating this information with WBEM elements. In line with the use of CIM, the target has been providing generic policy-based management systems. Speci cally, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) mappings for information models were produced by DEN. [Str04] mentions the need to use keys as a shortcoming of CIM. Kosiur [Kos01] points out that despite the name of the forum, the scope of DEN is not limited to information integration via directories. The application of NGOSS concepts to DEN is sometimes called DEN-ng (new generation DEN). Unlike DEN, DEN-ng does not require keys to be used, but rather speci es managed objects and their relationships.
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Substituting into the right-hand side of (13.35), we get E M(a) 2 (n 1)! J (a), 2 (n/2) n
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2 3 cup (150 ml) Dal ( 11)
FT: Seems pretty adventurous for a guy in his mid-twenties with just three years experience under his belt. MI: Chalk it up to inexperience and, to some extent, cockiness. I shut down the business less than a year later. I had a few clients, but not nearly enough to make a living. Suf ce it to say that I lost my shirt. Should I go on FT: Yes. MI: I took a position as the co portfolio manager of a small-cap equity mutual fund at Atlantis Capital and basically stayed there until I started CAM with my two partners. FT: So you stayed there for just over 10 years. MI: Yes. Good rm, strong product mix. I was the co-manager of their small-cap mutual fund along with another guy for a few years and then took over full control of the fund when he retired back in the early 1990s. FT: Tell me how you progressed at Atlantis. You know . . . how had your portfolio management skills developed and changed in the 10 plus years you were there How many people did you have working with you and what were their roles MI: [Joking] I feel like I m on the witness stand here. Most people just want me to explain what I do now. FT: [Not joking] Then I m doing my job well. In order to understand how someone invests today, I have always found that it is important to chart their progress over time. After all, investment rms often tout their investment staff s level of industry experience (as does CAM in their marketing presentation), so it is only fair to inquire about that experience. MI: At Atlantis, I managed the product in what the consultants might call a GARP process growth at a reasonable price. I have always been a value investor at heart, but I refuse to buy a stock simply because it s cheap. Once I took over the fund full tilt, I made some slight modi cations over the ensuing years. Rather than screening just for value-oriented factors, like most other value managers, I started to include growth factors. I look for companies with strong pro tability, de ned by ROE, as well as both top- and bottom-line revenue growth. Bells should be going off at this point. The fact that Mark spent a decade investing using a GARP methodology is not surprising based on the returns-based analysis and portfolio analysis that we have performed. The CAM portfolio has consistently exhibited growth characteristics, from its excessive outperformance in the growth-oriented
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