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Figure A.1. Area to the right of the z-score
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package ProxyCalculator; import; public class SubtractorProxy implements Calculator, Serializable{ public SubtractorProxy(){} public String getOperationName(){ return "difference"; } public int getValueOfResult(int firstOperand, int secondOperand){ return firstOperand secondOperand; } }
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QoS-Byte(T) with QoS control QoS-Byte(D) with QoS control QoS-Byte(T) without QoS control QoS-Byte(D) without QoS control 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
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Francesca Bassi and Ugo Trivellato
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Write the Code for the JSP Page
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Now you have a ready to deploy bean JAR file on your server. From this point on, consult your server tool documentation to learn how to proceed. But now you have finished writing the Enterprise JavaBean code. All that is left to do is create an application that will use the bean.
One typically busy and snowy winter day another Russian bank contacted me and suggested that three wire transfers they received from WestBank were fraudulent. The employee said he was keeping them on hold until we con rmed their status. I immediately contacted the customer, determined the wires were not authorized and began reviewing our other customers wire transfers. There were a few distinctive features of the questioned items that made me sure we had a problem on our hands. The transfers were from an individual s current account but they were marked for marketing research. Also, three of them were to the same bene ciary on the same date. When I contacted one client for information, he said he had not heard of the bene ciary and also told me he had trouble logging into the Internet banking system. We blocked his bank card (used to access the Internet banking system) and opened a fraud case.
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