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Notice how there are a lot of methods that all return one value. In the "Beans in the wild" section of the previous chapter, you saw how to integrate an EJB with a JSP or servlet. With what you now know about performance penalties, think about how slow that JSP will be to process and then display the contents of the Web page. Each one of those lines where you wrote data out to the page, either through a bean or custom tag, required a request across a network. That means your JSP using that model is going to be a real dog. The now obvious solution to this problem is to change the bean so that it now uses a single value object to fetch the values that your JSP needs. The role of the value object is to provide a very simple container for all those values that you would have previously fetched individually. Looking through the method calls above, that looks like you will need to deal with strings and ints. Creating a value object class starts with the normal class declaration. Because value objects are returned as parameters in a remote call, they need to satisfy the same rules as any other class that you may use they must be serializable. That makes the outline of your value object class look something like this:
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J2EE has grown into a large package of development libraries and technology standards. The other chapters in this book focus on some of the more popular technologies in detail. This chapter focuses on J2EE in general and the mistakes that can be made at this more fundamental level. In particular, developers need to watch out for underleveraging J2EE or overleveraging native code. The following AntiPatterns focus on the problems and mistakes that many developers make with some of the more fundamental J2EE technologies, such as JNDI, JNI, and WebStart, and with J2EE development in general. These AntiPatterns cross the boundaries between other chapters, like servlets and JSPs, and focus on the technologies like JNDI, which are used in numerous places within J2EE. As with most things, J2EE programming requires knowledge to avoid mistakes. Many of the common problems that people have are caused by not understanding the alternatives that J2EE offers. Topics covered include the following: Hard-Coded Location Identifiers. JNDI provides a simple means of looking up contact, connection, and location information. However, even the JNDI connection information should be configurable so that developers don t have to recompile code every time a network change occurs. Web = HTML. Many people, not just J2EE developers, associate the Web with HTML. This is simply not the case. There are a number of ways to leverage J2EE and the Web that don t require the developer to use HTML or Web page user interfaces. Requiring Local Native Code. Native code, code that isn t written in Java, is a fact of life. Some systems can only be accessed from code in native libraries. Legacy systems may have core algorithms in native code that must be reused. However, using native code via the Java Native Interface, JNI, is not the only choice. It can, in fact, be the worst choice in many cases. Overworking JNI. When you use the JNI, there are some particular issues when interfacing with J2EE applications. Many simple JNI implementations overwork the JNI interface and cause performance degradation as a result. Choosing the Wrong Level of Detail. J2EE provides several layers of technology. For example, you can write an application that uses RMI directly or use a Session Bean that you access with RMI. Choosing the wrong level to work at will affect the reliability and overall performance of your final solution. Not Leveraging EJB Containers. The EJB concept has been improved with every update to the J2EE standards. These beans represent a great programming model for leveraging existing services such as load balancing, fault tolerance, and data storage. When possible, developers should leverage the bean containers services to improve their application without additional work on their part.
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