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Mysterious Payments
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Biofeedback with Relaxation Biofeedback with relaxation is an effective adjunctive therapy to treat a TMD patient s daytime symptoms, but much less effective for the symptoms with which he or she awakes.27 It is time-consuming therapy, the patient must be taught to transfer its effect from the therapist s of ce into everyday life, and the patient must be motivated to practice it. The relaxation portion appears to be the more bene cial component of this combined therapy.28 My experience with patients who are rst taught habit-reversal and relaxation techniques is that those who nd they continue to have daytime symptoms and relate they can relax their entire body except their masticatory muscles often nd biofeedback exceptionally bene cial.
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What a Normal Brain Tells Us about the World 45
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that we have gathered thus far and begin to form an opinion of CAM Asset Management and its small-cap value product. One of the things that I enjoy about this business is that each meeting that I do is different. While most meetings follow a loose format, I never really know where they will end up. There were dozens of questions that I could have asked Mark but didn t due to time constraints. I chose a plan of attack that would focus more on two areas: (1) Mark himself and (2) the portfolio. Based on the phone conversation, I would say that Mark is de nitely not a strict value manager; however, that is not a bad thing. This portfolio might not t nicely into the preset style categories that consultants are so fond of, but that does not mean that it would not be a good t with the other managers in the Market Leaders Fund, which employs specialist managers across the style and market cap spectrum. While I am a little uneasy about the sector concentration, I have to admit that the portfolio s risk statistics are not outlandish and that the return/risk measures, such as Sharpe and Sortino ratio, all point toward the CAM portfolio as adding signi cant value relative to its underlying risk.
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Watching your carbohydrate intake
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21: Implementing Web Services
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Figure 6.14 After refactoring.
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