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If you use an image as a link, you might want to use a frame from the video clip in order to provide a preview.
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This regular expression matches only digits or special characters. You also can specify all the other special characters inside the brackets. Let s consider a code sample:
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Figure 32-2: Convert an editable region to a locked one with the Unmark Editable Region command.
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Not all Office documents are appropriate for converting to HTML. In some situations, it s best to leave the document in the original format and link to it from the Web page. Intranets where access to Word or Excel is practically guaranteed and lengthy documents are the norm are prime candidates for this type of design decision. Dreamweaver offers an easy way to make Office files Web accessible and gives you the option to use it as you see fit. You ve seen how a copy and paste operation from Word and/or Excel is relatively seamless. That s fine for material on the clipboard, but what about entire documents Dreamweaver permits such Microsoft Office documents to be dragged and dropped right onto the page. What happens next for Windows users depends on the settings in Preferences. In the Office Copy/Paste category, you have two basic options: insert the content (formatted according to the standard options) or create a link to the document. On the Macintosh, a link is always created. When an Office document is dragged onto the Web page (whether from the Files panel or the desktop), the Insert Document dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 8-12. If you opt to insert the file, Dreamweaver automatically converts the document according to the options selected. When you choose to create a link, a text link to the file is inserted.
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(continued in Figure 7.6) Node 3 Root = 2
Dreamweaver provides an alternative method of identifying a link pointing to it. By using the Point to File icon on the Properties panel, you can quickly fill in the Link text box by dragging your mouse to any existing named anchor or file visible in the Dreamweaver environment. With the Point to File feature, you can avoid browsing through folder after folder as you search for a file you can clearly see onscreen. You can point to another open document, to a document in another frame in the same window, or to any named anchor visible on the screen. If your desired link is a named anchor located farther down the page, Dreamweaver automatically scrolls to find it. You can even point to a named anchor in another document, and Dreamweaver will enter the full syntax correctly. Named anchors are covered in detail later in this chapter. Perhaps one of the slickest ways to apply the Point to File feature is to use it in tandem with the Files panel. The Files panel lists all the existing files in any given Web site, and when both it and the Document window are onscreen, you can quickly point to any file. Pointing to a file uses what could be called a drag-and-release mouse technique, as opposed to the more ordinary point-and-click or drag-and-drop method. To select a new link using the Point to File icon, follow these steps:
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Now we begin populating the array of CEPROPVAL structures. The wLenData and wFlags fields are unused, and, by convention, are always set to zero:
Figure 8.4 shows how to apply the ESP service to an IP packet by using the transport mode. As shown in the figure, the ESP header is added between the IP header and the upper layer data. The ESP trailer is then attached to the IP packet. The upper layer data together with the ESP trailer is encrypted to ensure data confidentiality. The default encryption method is DES in the Cipher Block Chaining (CBC)mode. Should authentication be required, an ESP authentication trailer (ESP Auth) is appended to the end of the packet. This trailer contains a cryptographic check value to ensure data integrity. The computation applies to the ESP header, the U" packet payload (i.e. the upper layer data), and the ESP trailer.
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