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3.5 percent of the time. That s not so bad. If I m an investor buying that, if I get a little bit of return, I m ne. . . . All the data that we had to review, to look at, on loans in production that were years old was positive. Adam Davidson, National Public Radio: As we now know, they were using the wrong data. They looked at the recent history of mortgages and saw that the foreclosure rate was generally below 2 percent. So they gured, absolute worst-case scenario, the foreclosure rate may go to 8 or 10 or 12 percent. But the problem with [that] is there were all these new kinds of mortgages, given out to people who never would have gotten them before. So the historical data was irrelevant. Some mortgage pools, today, are expected to go beyond 50 percent foreclosure rates. Even if a loan defaulted, the lenders didn t think they d suffer any losses, for two reasons: Either they had sold the loan to someone else or they assumed that home price appreciation would bail them out. When home prices are rising rapidly, almost no borrowers default, because anyone in trouble can simply re nance. And, even in the event of a default and foreclosure, the losses are small because the home can be resold for a good price. But when home prices start to decline, watch out below! Figure 2.8 shows that as long as home prices are rising 10 percent or
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ehaviors are truly the power tools of Dreamweaver. With Dreamweaver behaviors, any Web designer can make AP elements appear and disappear, execute any number of rollovers, and even apply an advanced JavaScript effect all without knowing even a snippet of JavaScript. In the hands of an accomplished JavaScript programmer, Dreamweaver behaviors can be customized or created from scratch to automate the most difficult Web effect. Creating behaviors is one of the more challenging Dreamweaver features to master. Implementing these gems, however, is a piece of cake. This chapter examines the concepts behind behaviors and the reality of using them. It details the use of all the behaviors included with Dreamweaver, as well as some from notable third-party sources. This chapter also contains tips for managing your ever-increasing library of behaviors. Here s a guarantee for you: After you get the hang of using Dreamweaver behaviors, your Web pages will never be the same.
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A 4-tuple (a, b, c , d ) representing a number in GF(24)has a representation in polynomial form a ba ca2 da3.
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Now let s see, oh wait, look! A 25 percent drop in the price of Mosaic stock, the maker of phosphorus fertilizer, today! Makes sense to me, if you have a bad economy, people can t afford fertilizer, can they Wrong! There s an opportunity for you. Wait, a 20 percent decline in the prices of assets in Australia! You know what business they re in down in Australia Selling raw materials to the Chinese! Remember the stories about the Chinese They were going to die on the vine because they were so dependent on selling goods to the United States. That was supposed to happen to the Indians, too. But look what s happened. The Chinese people were hungrier than we are, and were willing to continue to sacri ce immediate comfort to build their society. Moreover, their government, totalitarian though it is, is run by educated people who studied nance and economics in the United States, remember Instead of passing out money according to who needs it, (actually, buying the votes of those TV viewers who didn t study economics, just like the politicians they vote for) the Chinese created their own stimulus package. They didn t do it on borrowed money, they used their savings. But they provided rebates for consumers who actually went out and bought something. Instead of bailing out those companies that do a poor job of self-management or try to sell products people don t want to buy, the Chinese government just made it easier for their people to buy the things they want. So their stimulus actually stimulated business. Their economy resumed growth and is racing ahead at an 8 percent or 10 percent clip a growth rate we haven t seen in a hundred years, if ever. Today we have more opportunity, and the game is more complex. We had to work to sell the American lifestyle piece by piece the rst time around. Now everybody in the world is sold on supply-side economics, American ingenuity, and everything about our modern American lifestyle. They want it all. Acceptance of our line of products is so deep royals want to wear Levis. If you are totally awake without preconceptions, this is the world you see. The world is coming together because of better communication. That means the Internet, high-speed data transfer, and our ability to store gigantic amounts of data on tiny chips and ash memory. It frees our brains, yes, but it also frees the brains of people all over
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41 Designing for Usability and Accessibility
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P ( r = Ela = 1) = 0.2
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Fig. 6.15 Along axis sections illustrating the variation in crustal structure between segment centers and segment ends on slow- and fast-spreading ridges, as envisioned by Cannat et al. (1995) and Sinton and Detrick (1992) respectively (redrawn from Cannat et al., 1995, with permission from the Geological Society of America, and modi ed from Sinton and Detrick, 1992, by permission of the American Geophysical Union. Copyright 1992 American Geophysical Union).
Depth (km)
Concurrency and Synchronization
3 Learning Basic Electronics for Portables
Inventory Measurements and Internal Reports / 85
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