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Increased font control tops the wish list for most Web designers and this capability does not mean font size or color. For too long, Web pages have been limited to the most generic of typefaces ( primarily Arial, Times, and Helvetica) because HTML could access only the fonts on the user s system. Dynamic HTML promises to change this deficiency with downloadable fonts. As the term implies, downloadable fonts enable the Web designer to embed a specific font within a DHTML page, and the font is temporarily transferred to the Web site visitor s system. Unfortunately, at the present time, the key word in the preceding paragraph is promises. Both Microsoft and Netscape have implemented their own mutually incompatible versions of downloadable fonts. The demand for this capability is so strong, however, that it is only a matter of time before downloadable fonts become a cross-browser reality and a working standard. In the meantime, you can apply Open Font in Internet Explorer and Dynamic Font technology in Communicator simultaneously.
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Figure 9.9 Application of XML for B2B e-commerce
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agency publication relating to any Merck product. FDA officials, for their part, argued that they were simply being careful, as they always are, before doing anything as drastic as ordering a drug off the market. Another controversial intersection between the FDA and industry occurs at the exit at the revolving door that exists at every regulatory agency and even in Congress and the White House. With the FDA s relatively low salaries and generous retirement incentives, many reviewers leave after 20 years, and the obvious move is to work at or consult to a big drug company. This is what Tom Garvey did in setting up his own consulting firm, and Susan Alpert did in going to Medtronic. So did Steve Koepke and Stuart Portnoy, who joined the contract research organization PharmaNet. Jay Siegel now runs research and development at Centocor, after leaving the Center for Biologics. Michael Friedman, the acting commissioner during the tumult of the late 1990s, became a senior-level executive at G.D. Searle & Company, then at Pharmacia Corporation when the latter bought Searle s parent Monsanto Company in 2000. He also did special work on preparedness for PhRMA, the industry trade group, after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Members of the advisory committees, too, frequently consult for the industry, as in the cases of Posicor and Lotronex. Every government agency sets up rules to try and minimize the conflicts of interest that inevitably accompany these career moves. Usually the emphasis is on making sure that regulatory officials, while they are still in government, do not make decisions that could affect their future employers, and that ex-officials do not come back to lobby until a decent interval has passed. FDA advisory committee members are supposed to abstain from voting on products where there might be a question of bias (but they can still join the discussions, as happened with Posicor, when the chairman had ties to the manufacturer). Friedman said that from the first moment that it crossed my mind [to work at Searle], I immediately went to [the lawyer for] HHS and disclosed that information. I was careful to recuse myself. So there could not even be the perception of conflict of interest. When I went to Searle, I never set foot in the FDA, never appeared before an advisory committee, never ever did anything that could be interpreted as influencing a decision. But the rules can only really kick in when the job negotiations are solid enough that the employee feels comfortable telling the FDA brass. The problem is that the potential for conflict may start years earlier, while a reviewer is mulling over taking a job in industry some time in the future. Consumer advocates worry that FDA staffers and advisory committee
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From Left Board: F) UP G) DOWN H) LEFT I) RIGHT J) +5 VOLTS K) GROUND X) Unregulated power IN Y) Ground to screen/NES Z) +7.5 volts to screen
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through the second associated feature, Related Files. Just choose the link to any external code from the Related Files bar to open it in Code view, ready for editing. Code Navigator completes the circuit begun with the Live view and Related Files features. While clicking a link in the Related Files bar displays that page for editing, Code Navigator goes from your source HTML (in Code or Design view) directly to the targeted code block. The following sections offer detailed explanations of these three inter-related features to help you more effectively design and re-design your multi-part Web pages.
The CERT website maintains a list of popular tools at www.cert.org/tech_tips/ security_tools.html. In this chapter, we have covered a fraction of the ground, leaving many technologies, products, standards, and their corresponding architectural issues unaddressed. Some new technologies can make your life as a security architect miserable. Our fast laptops and desktop machines have spoiled us, and raised our expectations for quality of service, interface functionality, or bandwidth. Wireless and mobile computing with PDA-type devices, for example, can add significant challenges to security. They extend the perimeter of visibility of the application to clients with limited computational muscle, memory, or protocol support. They introduce new protocols with poorly designed
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2) For operations in G F ( 2 ) ,work through the BerlekampMassey algorithm for the sequence { 1 , 1, 1, 0, 1, 0, 0). Verify that the sequence of connection polynomials is
t = 6: The received sequence is r6 = 00.
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