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The <img> tag has no closing tag. However, in XHTML the <img> tag must be closed:
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To open a file within a file group, double-click the file. Or you can select the file and click the Open button.
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During the audit itself, the auditors must be allowed to run the show. They are the ones who should determine the schedule for the audit; that is, when to start, how long the introductory meeting will be, who to meet, and when the audit will end. Ask the supplier if any of the people you would like to talk to will be busy and would prefer to meet you during a certain period. Try to accommodate that a little exibility will go a long way. When setting up the schedule for the audit, start with one hour in which the audited company can present its quality system and its ways of working. This will give you a good overview of how the company works, and at the same time it will prevent the audited company from spending the whole day giving presentations. Tell the company before you arrive that you are not interested in their sales pitch about their fabulous software. The audit scope will have to be determined during the planning phase. If you have previous experience with the supplier, there might be issues that you want to check. A good way for the auditors to prepare for the audit is to create a list of what they will want to see during the audit. This checklist can be based on GAMP, ISO 90003, the TickIT Guide, or any other standard, including your own internal requirements. Checklist suggestions can also be found in the ANSI/IEEE standards. Additional requirements can be added to the chosen basic standard. If the URS for the system did not include all the technical requirements for 21 CFR Part 11 [15], these requirements should also be included in the checklist. A short extract from the checklist is shown in Table 10.1. This has room for comments about references to documentation received during the audit or notes.
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Distributed components cannot share memory. They cannot invoke communications mechanisms that exploit a local address space, such as function calls or static class variables. They must use low-level interprocess communication (IPC) mechanisms (such as sockets or named pipes), networking protocols such as SMTP or HTTP, or higher-level abstractions that enable remote object invocation (such as CORBA and Enterprise Java Beans [EJB]). Clients must be able to invoke servers by logical names rather than by IP addresses, choose servers based on certain desired properties (such as proximity), initiate communications, and receive services. The server must be continuously available, or the client must be able to activate a service provider on demand.
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Context Purpose Start/End Tag Parent Content Attributes Required Optional align = (left|center|right|justify|char) char = alignment character charoff = pixels or relative valign = (top|middle|bottom|baseline) General Core (id, class, style, title) Internationalization (lang, dir) Standard Events (see end of appendix) Deprecated bgcolor = color De ne a row in the table Required/Optional <thead>, <tfoot>, <tbody> <th>, <td>
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Before we install the screen, we need to stick in the buttons that ll be under it. The select/start buttons need to be modified before we can install them. Here s what to do: 1. Start by slicing the top 1/8 off of the select/start buttons. This 1/8 -thick portion is what we ll be using. 2. Place the screen assembly facedown, and set the buttons in their holes, as shown in Figure 13-7. Once they re lined up, place a dot of superglue on the backs. 3. Cut a 1/4 1 piece of thin plastic. (A plastic soda bottle works well, but engraving plastic is too thick.) Sand the plastic and place it on the buttons. Press down so that the glue will set. Once they re attached, pull them and the plastic piece out, so that it won t glue to the case as it dries. Figure 13-7 shows both parts of this process.
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June 10, 2004
Double-check the wiring between the Player 2/memory card port and the PSOne. Make sure the wiring hasn t been accidentally reversed they should reconnect just as they were connected when the port was on the PSOne board. Check the Controller connector wiring section in 12 for more information. Check that the battery leads are making good contact with the battery. Bend them down or sideways so that when they insert they have more friction. Make sure you re using at least a NP-F550 Sony Infolithium battery. The smaller, weaker ones aren t really enough to power a portable like this for any length of time.
and from the last expression we finally have y a 1 bE . E
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Dribbling of urine after urination Increased frequency of urination including during the night Urgency of urination Discomfort when passing urine.
Definition 6.4 A Reed-Solomon code is a qm-aryBCH code of length qm - 1. 0 In G F ( q m ) the minimal polynomial for any element j3 is simply (x - j3). The generator , for a RS code is therefore g(x) = (x - (1Ib )(x - &+I) . . . (x - a b f 2 f - l
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