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19.4 GROWTH OF SUPERCONDUCTING DIAMOND 19.4.1 Man-made diamond using high-pressure, high-temperature method
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As an example, a company carries a single item of inventory in stock. It has retained the following year-end information about the item for the past four years:
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Figure C-3: Access any HTML tag and many other varieties through the Tag Chooser.
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FIgUre 8-4 Dreamweaver s Spell Checker double-checks your spelling and can find the typos on any Web page.
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Below is a slightly more elaborate example involving a past-due invoice calculation. Calculated past-due dates may need to be presented in several different places in the user interface, but with the code presented here, we will have to copy and paste the scriptlet implementation in each JSP that displays these values.
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Part III Incorporating Advanced HTML
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Extraction and accumulation of recycled refractory residue
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if (iOpenSaveFlag == { //prompt for overwrite, send files to sync directory lpof->Flags = OFN_OVERWRITEPROMPT; if( !GetSaveFileName (lpof)) { lpof = NULL; } } else { if( !GetOpenFileName (lpof)) { lpof = NULL; } FILE_SAVE)
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Interest Rate (%)
Security Components
If you are changing existing text into a list, select the paragraphs first and then use the menu command or the Unordered List button on the HTML tab of the Property inspector or the Text category of the Insert panel. Dreamweaver creates one list item for every paragraph. As you can see from Figure 15-1, list items are generally rendered closer together than regular paragraphs. A list, unlike block elements such as paragraphs or headings, is not formatted with additional space above and below each line.
The Functional Speci cation and System Implementation
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