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5.4 Clustering
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Many of the experiments discussed in this chapter have been performed in the laboratory of the authors over more than a decade. Therefore, the contributions of several generations of undergraduate students, PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and scienti c visitors need to be readily acknowledged, as well as that of our technology support team in the Institute of Electron Devices and Circuits and the Microelectronics Technology Center. In addition this work would not have been possible without the continuous support by industry, the State of Baden-W rttemberg, the German Research Society (DFG), and research programs u of the European Union. Especially mention is made of the contributions by Element Six Ltd (UK) and Diamond Microwave Devices Ltd (UK). Furthermore the cooperation with many scientists working at international institutions is also worthy of mention, especially Dr Dieter Gruen (Argonne Laboratories, US), Dr Makato Kasu (NTT Basic Research, Japan) and Dr James E. Butler (Naval Research Laboratories, US).
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4.3 Bayesian networks
4.9.4 Polynomial division
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case SB_LINERIGHT: case SB_PAGERIGHT: lCurrScrollPos = ( lCurrScrollPos + 1 < 6 ) lCurrScrollPos + 1 : 5 ; SetScrollPos(hWndCtrl, SB_CTL, (int)lCurrScrollPos, TRUE ); break; default: break; }//end scroll bar message switch //write the new scroll pos value to the window bytes SetWindowLong( hWndCtrl, GWL_USERDATA, lCurrScrollPos ); break; case WM_COMMAND: switch (LOWORD (wParam)) { //we re just tourists at this point case IDOK: //Fall thru!! case IDC_CLEARCTRLS: //Fall thru!! case IDCANCEL: //send WM_CLOSE message to the main // window and quit the app SendMessage( (GetParent(hWnd)), WM_CLOSE, 0,0 ); // Modeless dialog boxes can t // use EndDialog. DestroyWindow( hWnd); return TRUE; default: break; } break; } return FALSE; } // About dialog box procedure // BOOL CALLBACK AboutDlgProc (HWND hWnd, UINT wMsg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam) { switch (wMsg) { case WM_COMMAND: switch (LOWORD (wParam)) { case IDOK: case IDCANCEL: EndDialog (hWnd, 0);
Although this model is simplistic it instantly reveals the distributed, and often hierarchical, nature of healthcare and the importance of information transmission and sharing. GPs need to communicate with hospitals, hospitals are set up to serve local, regional and national needs as well as to concentrate on certain specialities, and community health organisations must deal with patients in their own homes. Even within the hospital. the most compact and integrated environment for patient care, there are many different systems that need to operate together to deliver an efficient health service. Systems integration is therefore a crucial issue for clinicians, managers and information system technologists, as well as for patients. Uncoordinated planning and legacy and proprietary systems with limited or no networking capabilities present major challenges to systems integration. It is essential. however, that the process of upgrading these systems and services plans for the future provision of telemedical facilities. What telemedical issues need to be considered in this planning process Only recently have healthcare professionals begun to address this question [S9-911. Here are some suggestions from the systems integration perspective.
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