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then indenting would be turned off for igroup number 1, tables. The active igroup causes each element to use the indentation level of the outermost group member as its left margin and indent from there. Thus, with the indented <table>...</table> pair as the outer igroup member, the <tr>...</tr> pair is indented two more spaces and the <td>...</td> pair is indented another two spaces, so it looks like the following:
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that ma c magmas in the Eastern branch of the East African Rift system were derived from at least two mantle sources, one of sublithospheric origin similar to that which produces ocean island basalts and one within the subcontinental lithosphere. Contributions from the subcontinental mantle are indicated by xenoliths of lithospheric mantle preserved in lavas, distinctive rare earth element patterns, and by the mineralogy of basaltic rock. In southern Kenya, the presence of amphibole in some ma c lavas implies a magma source in the subcontinental lithosphere rather than the asthenosphere (le Roex et al., 2001; Sp th et al., 2001). This conclusion is illustrated in Fig. 7.19 where the experimentally determined stability eld of amphibole is shown together with a probable continental geotherm and adiabats corresponding to normal asthenospheric mantle and a 200 C hotter mantle plume. It is only in the comparatively cool lithospheric mantle that typical hydrous amphibole can exist. The additional requirement of garnet in the source, which is indicated by distinctive rare earth element patterns, constrains the depth of melting to 75 90 km. These and other studies show that the generation of lithospheric melts is common in rifts, especially during their early stages of development. They also indicate that the identi cation of melts derived from the subcontinental lithosphere provides a potentially useful tool for assessing changes in lithospheric thickness during rifting. In addition to compositional variations related to source regions, many authors have inferred systematic relationships between basalt composition and the depth and amount of melting in the mantle beneath rifts
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6.5.1 Forney s Algorithm
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Insert Form List/Menu to insert a drop-down menu at the current cursor position. the List/Menu button from the Insert panel to any location in the Document window and release the mouse button to position the drop-down menu.
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P1: KPE WY022-31 WY022/Pfaffenberger WY022/Pfaffenberger-v3.cls June 9, 2004 15:10
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adding advanced Design Features
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Building Business Cases for Security
The names presented in the drop-down list are abbreviated more recognizable names and not the formal names inserted into the code. For example, when you select shockwave, shockwave for Director is actually input into the code. On the other hand, any plugin name you enter manually into the enter field is inserted verbatim.
Period January February March Subtotal 2nd quarter 3rd quarter 4th quarter Total Quantity 500 600 400 1,500 1,200 1,500 1,700 5,900 Unit Price $10 Total $5,000 6,000 4,000 15,000 12,000 15,000 17,000 $59,000
Algorithm 7.9 Koetter-Vardy Algorithm for Mapping from ll to M
Pacific Plate
adding advanced Design Features
Figure 13.6: A TCM encoder employing subset selection and a four-state trellis.
Depth (km)
20 Creating a Behavior
For convenience, we enable cell values to be set by row and column or by index. Only empty cells can have their values set. After a cell is set, we notify any listeners about the new value and check to see whether the game is over. Listeners implement the TicTacToeModelListener interface, which defines these three methods:
The limit as m * is 44 10. 0 12. 14. m 3 s, m s 3,
16 Building a Portable Atari 2600 by Hand
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