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Case Study: California Home and Condo Resales
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The Macromedia engineers didn t stop with just Dreamweaver document APIs; there are also specific APIs for file I/O, Source Control integration, JavaBean management, Design Notes, Fireworks integration, Flash objects, and more. Extending Dreamweaver has basic documentation about them all. To make the behavior programmer s life a little easier, I ve included coverage of some of the most often used API extensions. Although the following sections are in no way exhaustive, they do give a good example of how API functions work in Dreamweaver in general and behaviors in particular.
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Figure 7.2. Cause and effect diagram method
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Another Application object inserts the text and all the server behaviors necessary to identify the records currently being viewed. By default, the syntax used by the Recordset Navigation Status Application object is:
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Communicate with the control using the messages IM_GETDATALEN, IM_GETDATA, and IM_SETDATA
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Figure 16.11: The factor graph for a turbo code.
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ActiveX plug-ins Download signed ActiveX controls Download unsigned ActiveX controls Initialize and Script ActiveX controls not marked as safe Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting Cookies Allow cookies that are stored on your computer Allow per-session cookies. Not stored. Downloads File Download Font download Microsoft VM Java permissions (or use custom settings) Miscellaneous Access Data sources across domains Drag and drop or copy and paste files Installation of desktop items Launching programs and files in an IFRAME Navigate sub-frames across different domains Software channel permissions Submit non-encrypted form data User data persistence Scripting Active scripting Allow paste operations via script Scripting of java applets E D D E E E E E E E E E P D P E E E E E D P D D D D E P P E P E P P E E E E E E HS HS MS LS D P E E E E E E D D E E E E E E D D D D E
FIGURE 3-7: Solid wire detail.
In 9, I made the case for creative collaboration. This book is the perfect example of just that: a collaborative creative effort. As with all great collaborations, there are many people I need to thank for their contributions. First and foremost, thanks to Rebecca Leatherman, with whom I have had the pleasure of working for more than 10 years, and Lisa Fabiano, with whom I ve had the pleasure of working for more than 15 years. Without them, this book would not have been possible. Thanks to Jesse Kornbluth and Ann O Reilly, whose contributions were invaluable. Thanks to a core group of people whose collaborative teamwork made it all happen: Lillian Alzheimer, Johanna Berke, Roger Haskins, Sebastian Kaupert, Michael Lee, Carin Moonin, Peggy Nahmany, Sandra Riley, Marian Salzman, Amy Woessner, Nancy Wynne. Thanks to all of the Euro RSCG people around the world who provided their thinking on Creative Business Ideas:
Risk Assessment and Risk Management
1. high volumes of goods traded; 2. high net value of goods traded;
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