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Aligning a table in Dreamweaver goes beyond the expected left, right, and center options. You can also make a table into a free-floating object, around which you can wrap text to the left or right. Figure 13-7 illustrates some of the different results you can get from aligning your table.
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Chan, and Duncan Cheung for providing us with many useful ideas and valuable comments for the book. In fact, there are a lot more to name. Our thanks should go to all of them. We would also like to give special thanks to Ivy Sit who helped us to draw many nice diagrams used in the book. Last but not least, we thank our colleagues at John Wiley & Sons and TechBooks for editing and publishing this book for us. Henry Chan Raymond Lee Tharam Dillon Elizabeth Chang
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A normal vector is N
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It is convenient to express this normalization using an operator. Define the scaling (or nomzalizatian) operator N by ,
Source: Amherst Securities.
hate innovation; creativity is my enemy. Why Because we are against mistakes, we are against failure, and it is hard to have creativity and innovation without mistakes and failure. NO GUTS, NO GLORY Morita did not always win. Think of Betamax, Sony s videotape player. If you are young, you have never heard of it the industry standard is VHS. That is because Sony developed a technology using a tape size that few other makers adopted. Sony got crushed. But here, too, there is much to be learned from Morita and his successors in the way they were able to take risks, make mistakes, accept defeat. They were passionate. It was passion for their ideas from the Walkman to the first videocassette recorder to the compact disc that gave them the courage to fearlessly bring these products forward, against all odds. It was passion that led Gunnar Engellau to defy every automotive trend in the marketplace in pursuit of his belief that safe can be sexy. Passion was also the trademark of that tough man in the poultry industry, Frank Perdue.
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WD monomial order is characterized by a fixed pair w = ( u , v) of non-negative integers where not both are 0. Then the w-degree of the monomial x i y j is defined as
Goitre (iodine de ciency) was once common in the states bordering the Great Lakes in the USA and in the Cotswolds and the Peak District in England. As the dietary origins of these diseases were unravelled it became common knowledge that simple dietary changes could prevent and cure these serious and frequently fatal diseases. As the active components of the diet were identi ed and puri ed they were found to be equally effective when taken as supplements in pill or liquid form. Such observations must have encouraged the belief in nutritional magic bullets that might be able to cure or prevent all sorts of diseases. The dramatic and demonstrable bene ts of taking small amounts of these nutrient supplements would surely have encouraged the use of larger supplements to optimise intakes and perhaps prevent other more subtle adverse effects of de ciency. Dietary supplements were thus proven to have major bene ts for some people and were thought to be a useful safety net for anyone concerned about the adequacy of their own or their family s diet. The notion of widespread use of dietary supplements was born. It was reinforced by scienti c advisers who persuaded governments to fortify common foods with extra vitamins and minerals which seemingly gave of cial con rmation that ordinary food could not guarantee nutrient adequacy. For example, the British government made it mandatory to fortify white bread and our with iron, calcium and some B vitamins, and to fortify margarine with vitamins A and D. Diet as a means to prevent chronic, age-related and wealth-related diseases In the latter decades of the twentieth century, the nutritional focus, and the health focus generally, changed in the industrialised countries. As af uence increased, the focus shifted away from the problems associated with poverty and deprivation (such as infectious and de ciency diseases) towards the chronic diseases that af ict middle-aged and elderly people in af uent populations cancer, heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. These chronic diseases now cause most of the deaths and chronic ill-health in long-lived populations. The reasons for this change of emphasis are illustrated by the British mortality statistics listed below. In Britain in 1901: Average life expectancy was only around 47 years. Less than half of people lived to see their 65th birthday. A fth of all deaths were due to infectious diseases. Less than a quarter of deaths were due to cancer and heart disease combined. A hundred years later: Average life expectancy had increased by about 30 years. Most people lived beyond their 65th year. Only around one in 200 of all deaths was due to infection. Three-quarters of all deaths were now due to cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
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