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Resource Matrix Exhibit 6.3 depicts a resource matrix. Its function is to link human and material resources to project tasks. It is constructed by listing the tasks found in the WBS along the vertical axis and listing available resources along the horizontal axis. Exhibit 6.3 shows resource allocations for a project to develop a science and math curriculum for a small school system. The WBS has been simpli ed for purposes of illustration. Exhibit 6.3 shows who assumes primary responsibility for a task (P) and who assumes secondary responsibility (S). For example, in the task to design a preliminary curriculum, the chief responsibility lies with the curriculum specialists; methodologists, science specialists, and math specialists assume a supporting role. The coding system used should re ect management requirements. In the example, we have coded the resource matrix with Ps and Ss. Other coding systems can be adopted. A popular approach to coding the resource matrix is using what I call the PAR approach, where P signi es who performs the work, A signi es who must approve the work before it can be carried out, and R signi es who reviews task efforts before the project team can proceed with their work. Development of a resource matrix is a wise rst step in determining how resources should be allocated. The matrix can be put together quickly and can serve as a guide for developing more sophisticated resource management tools. Resource Gantt Chart The resource matrix shows only resource allocations for tasks; it does not show how these resources are allocated over time. This is achieved by means of a resource Gantt chart, as pictured for the curriculum development project in Exhibit 6.4.
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2. WebDB is a software frontend to the Oracle DBMS, which allows one to build a portal that communicates directly with the Oracle DB. This is an integrated software platform for building a sell-side system.
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In developing marketing communications, strategists and planners and advertisers have traditionally devoted a lot of time to understanding the consumer. The whole business model of building meaningful brands has been rooted in this. That s what creates brand loyalty. But to think in Creative Business Idea terms, all of us in the advertising business whether CEO or head of planning or creative director need to go beyond that and deeply explore and understand the nature of our clients businesses, their companies and brand DNA, just as deeply as we understand the consumer. Then we can begin to see how these two areas of deep understanding can work together.
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The wDataLen and wFlags fields of the CEPROPVAL structure are unused and, by convention, are always set to 0. Summing up, here is a litany of the relationships among the structures that constitute a CE database: generate barcode 128
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Every developed nation throughout the world, whatever the political persuasion of its government. is facing serious difficulties with the delivery of healthcare to its citizens. This is the case whether government is federal or national, whether the main source of funding is taxation or insurance (social or private), or whether provision is mainly in the hands of the public or private sector. The USA and the countries of Europe exhibit the full diversity of these different systems but they face the same daunting problems, particularly:
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Table 7.6 summarizes the three consolidation and four decentralization procedures described in this section. The seven procedures may be invoked at any point during the creation of a network design. In general, a user will request one of the consolidation procedures to reduce total network costs. After all, consolidation results in shutting down a warehouse (thereby eliminating the xed costs associated with a warehouse), as well as lower inventory carrying costs. Consolidation 1 is the most aggressive consolidation procedure in terms of reducing network costs. Consolidation 2 and Consolidation 3 are more balanced approaches, both of which consider deterioration to customer service level as well. If a network designer is especially concerned about customer service level, Consolidation 2 recommends the candidate that is least damaging. If a network designer instead wants to create a network that makes best use of a company s money, then Consolidation 3 should be used instead. In general, the decentralization procedures are invoked when a network designer wishes to improve customer service level. Decentralization 1, in particular, is the most aggressive procedure in this respect because it suggests
and d d n / n 2 HT'(1 - R ) . It is interesting to examine whether a sequence of BCH codes can be constructed which meets this bound.
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