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Value-Weight-Ratio (inputs Weight-of-one-item and Value-ofone-item): R24. IF Weight-of-one-time is not null AND Value-of-one-item is not null THEN Value-Weight-Ratio = Value-of-one-item / Weight-of-one-item
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Now we can make the Options instance visible to the JSPs by adding an accessor method to the ActionForm base class:
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A process that shares access to the tuple space must include all the actions this of
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7. If the system switches on and off, or the power seems flaky, do the following:
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As you saw in 25, JavaScript and other client scripting languages are very limited in the amount of resources available to the script. As a general rule, client-side scripts can only access the user agent s features (usually a very limited set of the features) and the document s content. Although such capabilities are enough for simple automation and driving dynamic formatting, such limitations leave much to be desired. More robust content requires more robust tools.
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= Ceq e - Cwq w + Cnq n - Csq s + Ctq t - Cbq b which de nes the convection coef cients Ce,Cw,Cn,Cs,Ct,Cb as follows: Ce = DyDz(ru x )e Cn = DxDz(ru y )
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116. Blignault I, Multipoint videoconferencing in health: a review of three years experience in Queensland, Australia, Teleniedicine Joiairal, 6, 269-174, 2000 117. Young J W R, Displays iii Pictrire Archiving and Coiizrirunicutioir Systeiris. 1998. See the web page at 118. Krupinski E. LeSuer B, Ellsworth et N I , Diagnostic accuracy and image quality using a digital camera for teledermatology, Teleriierliciize Joiirncrl. 5, 257-263, 1999 119. Loane M A, Gore H E, Corbett R et cd, Effect of camera performance on diagnostic accuracy, Journal of Telenieclicine arid Telecare. 3, 83-88, 1997 110. Bondmass M, Bolger N, Castro G and Rogers L 0, The effect of home monitoring and telemanagement on blood pressure control among African Americans, Teleiiiedicine Joiirncil, 6, 15-23, 2000 121. Brebner J A. Ruddick-Bracken H and Brebner E M, The diagnostic acceptability of low bandwidth transmission for tele-ultrasound, Joiiriied of Teleriiedicine arid Telecure, 6, 335-338, 2000 122. Lamniinen H, Mobile satellite systems, Journal of Teleineclicine ant1 Telecare, 5, 71-83, 1999 123. National Technology Transfer Centre. High Datci Rote Satellite Comiiiitnicatiorrs to Reach Rural ciird Distniit Areas. See the web page at telmed/scfact .h tml 124. Altrudi R, Gandsas A, Montgomery K and Miglianiiii G. In-flight monitoring of vital signs by Tnternet, Prenscr Medicei Argentinu, 85 (1). 76, 1998. See also the web page at
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