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Community and Content: The Marketer s New Job
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How Computing Etnpowers Doctor s and Putierrts for Slack W, CJ*berniedicirie: Better HealtR Core, Jossey Bass. San Francisco, CA, 1997 This book takes a broad view of telemedicine by concentrating on how patients and physicians can make use of online resources for better healthcare. As a consequence, the author is able to make out a credible case for the computer as a humanising influence in healthcare.
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Figure 25-1: Two buttons for rollover purposes- btnHomeNrm.jpg (left image) is the normal button, and btnHomeHgh.jpg (right image) is the highlighted button.
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Code Review
FIgUre 31-15 The Administer Website dialog available through Dreamweaver is the same as the one found in Contribute.
After you complete your advanced recordset, you can click the Simple button to switch to the simple Recordset dialog box only if the defined recordset references one table that is filtered and ordered by one column using basic operators. In other words, the simple Recordset dialog box has to be able to build the SQL statement. If this is not the case, Dreamweaver alerts you to this and returns you to the advanced Recordset dialog box. To give you a better idea of how the advanced Recordset dialog box is used, look at a step-by-step procedure used to create the SQL query that returns the results of a user-run search. For this example, suppose you want to search the LOCATIONS table of dbadata.mdb (an Access database). The search criteria come from a form element on another page, a text field named searchText; the search criteria are incorporated into the SQL query as a variable named varSearch. The final query reads as follows:
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