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June 12, 2004
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Copying attributes and contents
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The pre x is not the namespace; the URI the pre x is bound to is the namespace (see Figure 32-5):
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This JUnit test case is intended to test the StringPair class, but it is not asserting anything about the API of the class. The actual testing needs of the StringPair class are being missed in all the noise of the useless asserts, as you can see in Listing 1.5. Notice that there are lots of asserts, but none of them is making sure that what the class should be doing is actually being done. The test subject is the same StringPair class that was tested in Pitfall 1.1: No assert.
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I m always pleased when people recognize my abilities as an investor. There s nothing that makes me feel better than when they speci cally ask me what my winning strategies are. It s not a short answer, but I can tell you this much: I don t go for it when the herd is stampeding in panic. I can short when I see it coming but not if it s already too far extended, that s when I have to be careful. My point here is I m not going to come out ahead by constantly feeling that I have to always be totally invested, but rather laying back and picking my spot to assume real risk. Remember, my goal here is to use my capital to help people get what they want, not to get caught running the wrong way. And I can tell you that you have to again, my football analogy double cover the great receiver; just know that if you do that, you re leaving somebody else open. If you put a lot of men on the line to stop the great runner, you may be leaving a receiver open. To me, Wall Street works the same way: You have to pick your spot, and you sometimes have to give up something to get something else. Here s an example of giving up something. Let s say I see that I m playing in a dangerous market. I see that the economy is about to roll over or that buying interest is starting to dry up. Now others don t
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True or false; default set by user in QuickTime Plugin Settings True (default for most movies) or false (default for QuickTime VR, Flash, and image files) (does not take a value)
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Flash includes a number of its own behaviors for creating interactivity, but Flash behaviors don t do JavaScript as Dreamweaver behaviors do. A Flash-heavy project might benefit from Dreamweaver s Open Browser Window or Pop-up Message behaviors as much as the next site. The technique in this section shows you how to trigger Dreamweaver behaviors from buttons in a Flash movie. What Flash buttons do is specified in the Flash authoring environment, not in Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver can attach behaviors to HTML elements such as anchor tags and body tags but not to plug-ins. The solution lies in creating dummy buttons in Dreamweaver and copying the JavaScript code from those links into the actions attached to Flash buttons, within Flash itself.
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3 Starting Your Web Page
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Another description for E 6 is over the Eisenstein integers, the set & = { a Z, = (-1 i&)/2}. This uses the generator w
June 12, 2004
Laboratory Information Management Systems
A key attribute of the modeller is the perception of neutrality: he is seen to be objective and bringing no preconceptions or partiality to the decisonmaking process. The PRAM Guide (Simons et al. 1997) gives useful advice to the risk analyst but which is equally true for any modeller advising or forming part of a project team: the modeller needs to be able to elicit and capture data about risk in an impartial manner, and to re ect information in a controlled and structured way. In reality, the risk analyst s relationship with the project team can have a major bearing on the outcome of the PRAM [Project Risk Analysis & Management] process. The project team will need to trust the risk analyst s judgement and take his/her guidance during the PRAM exercise. It then goes on to highlight four aspects of the relationship between a modeller in a project context and the project team. One is the problem caused when modellers have a dual role, also holding an authoritative position on the team so that his neutrality is called into question. Another is the previous relationship between the modeller and the team. The other two points are worthy of more discussion:
Every time Dreamweaver attaches a behavior to a tag, it inserts an event for you. The default event that is chosen is based on two criteria: the browser type and the selected tag. The different browsers in use have widely different capabilities, notably when it comes to understanding the various event handlers and associated tags. For every specification or browser combination in the Show Events For submenu of the Add (+) drop-down list, Dreamweaver has a corresponding file in the Configuration\Behaviors\Events folder. Each tag listed in each file, such as IE 4.0.htm, has at least one event associated with it. The entries look like this:
public final static int PAYMENT_TERM_NONE = 0; public final static int PAYMENT_TERM_30 = 1; public final static int PAYMENT_TERM_60 = 2;
Print Two-Up 1-Inch Gutter
Flavored Rib Ribs Products Remainder
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Figure 27-8: The CSS Box attributes define the placement of HTML elements on the Web page.
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