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The problem now is to select a function f so that H represents a code capable of correcting two errors, and does so in such a way that an algebraic solution is possible. To express the functions f we need some way of dealing with these yi 5-tuples as algebraic objects in their own right, with arithmetic defined to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. That is, the yi need to form ajeld, as defined in Section 2.3, or (since there are only finitely many of them) a j n i f e j d d . Addition in the field is straightforward we could define addition element-by-element. But how do we multiply in a meaningful, nontrivial way How do we divide The key is to think of each 5-tuple as corresponding to a polynomial of degree 5 4. For example:
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The Web is all about markup, but it s also about data. This is true whether the data is document-centric, such as the kind of content in a magazine or journal, or more granular, such as the kind of data extracted from a database. One problem with this type of data is that it can be dif cult to extrapolate across different software environments and platforms because it has traditionally been stored in proprietary formats. What if you were able to instead develop a set of rules de ning a table of text-based data and simply wrap markup around each chunk of data Such data could be as simple as a Web con guration le that stores settings on how a Web server is con gured, such as this piece of code from a .NET web.con g le:
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running them through a preverifier, and then packaging them together in a JAR file, you can use the rapc.exe command:
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To add a browser to your preview list, follow these steps:
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Adjustment (VIM section 4.30) Operation of bringing a measuring instrument into a state of performance suitable for its use. User adjustment (VIM section 4.31) Adjustment employing only the means at the disposal of the user. 3.4.3. Calibration and verification operations Both the calibration and the verification operations are based on a comparison to a standard and, except for the preliminary operations, do not include any intervention on the measuring equipment. They are indispensable operations, which make the indications provided by the measuring equipment meaningful. The result of a calibration comprises all the values which have got out of the comparison between the measurement results of the equipment and the standard. The calibration, in the strict sense of the VIM, will generally result in a calibration certificate with a view to applying corrections to the measurement results afterwards; exploiting them will make it possible to decrease the uncertainty of the measurements taken with the equipment. These uncertainties about the values of the corrections will also be used when assessing the causes of the uncertainties so as to determine the compound uncertainty that will be connected to the measurement results (see 7). The result of a verification makes it possible to assert that the measuring equipment meets, or does not meet, requirements that had been set beforehand (generally as tolerated error limits which allow the measuring equipment to be brought, or brought back, into service). A verification can then be made either by: comparing the results of a calibration operation with the tolerated error limits; materializing the tolerated limit indications of the measuring equipment that it is compared to directly by means of a standard. This method does not require figures. The result of a verification can be either: a record of verification, which means for the user that the equipment can be brought back to service; or a decision to adjust, repair, scrap or downgrade the instrument, materialized by a appropriate mark indicating the state of the measurement equipment.
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Investing Without Borders
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Targets do more than just display a page in a certain frame. Take a look at one of the HTML predefined targets used in a situation where you want to load another URL into a new window. To specify a new browser window as the target for a link, follow these steps:
Mapping Your Web Site
The Windows CE Shell
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