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Part I So You Want to Make a Portable Video Game System, Eh
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19 Using Behaviors
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then forming the product with the column vector of coefficients:
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2 FindInvoiceAction gets InvoiceForm from session. RequestProcessor 3 FindInvoiceAction returns an ActionForward that
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In This Part
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In this chapter, we will present common security infrastructure components and technologies that have cropped up in our presentations of security architecture in chapters past. The names, properties, and characteristics of these technologies are familiar to every software architect, but we need more than product brochures to understand how to integrate these components into our architecture. Our primary concern is identifying architectural issues with each product that systems architects should or should not worry about and identifying showstoppers where we would be best off if we did not try to use the product. Using any security product that does not have an evolution path that seems consistent with your system s evolution could represent a significant risk. Although we have mentioned these components frequently in prior chapters, we have collected these components together here following all of our technical architectural presentations because they all share architectural properties. These components are always vendor products. Our lack of expertise and their feature complexity prevents us from building homegrown versions of these products.
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Page 9
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)n. Then, since np cancels, ,
Handling Graphical Input and Output
Ok, before I make you do this, let me tell you why. If you recall the way this TV originally was, the lower board was fairly level with the front of the screen. This won t work for your portable because the lower board would be where the game controls should go! Therefore, we re pushing the lower board back so that it s level with the upper board. This is called standard reconnecting. Here s how to do it: 1. First, place the lower board just under the lip of the screen assembly and hot-glue it into place, as shown in Figure 4-16. Make sure the ribbon cable is behind the lower board before you attach them. Hot-glue it on both sides, keeping the boards as straight as possible.
private byte[] cells;
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