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Fading Channels and SDace-Time Codes
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You can quickly hide a section of a page by selecting it and then choosing the Comment, Multiline snippet from the Comments category of the snippets panel.
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Caution! In setting up further problems by starting from the result, which is quite easy, one should check how complicated the solution, starting from (2), will be; this may often involve substantial work until one reaches the final form. 14. By (2), w 1 4i z ; w 1 z 2i 2i hence, after getting rid of infinity, w 1 2z z 2i , w 2z z 2i 1 z z 2i . 2i
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Tic-Tac-Toe Source Code
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1. 2 we get the spline g(x) (0 x 2x x x
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Joining Background Images in Frames
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C-level extensions, properly stored in the Configuration\JSExtensions folder, are read into Dreamweaver during initialization when the program first starts. The routines contained within the custom libraries are accessed through JavaScript functions in commands, behaviors, objects, translators, and other Dreamweaver extensions. Let s take a look at how Macromedia s C-level extensions DWfile is used. DWfile has ten main functions: exists(): Checks to see if a specified filename exists. This function takes one argument, the filename. read(): Reads a text file into a string for examination. This function also takes one argument, the filename. write(): Outputs a string to a text file. This function has three arguments; the first two the name of the file to be created and the string to be written are required. The third, the mode, must be the word append. This argument, if used, causes the string to be added to the end of the existing text file; otherwise, the file is overwritten. getAttributes(): Returns the attributes of a specified file or folder. Possible attributes are R (read-only), D (directory), H ( hidden), and S (system file or folder). getModificationDate(): Returns the date a specified file or folder was last modified. createFolder(): Creates a folder, given a file URL.
Creating Custom Server Behaviors
Custom software
Part I So You Want to Make a Portable Video Game System, Eh
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To implement a background image using Cascading Style Sheets, follow these steps:
Most laser engravers run off Corel Draw files, which have a CDR extension. If for some reason the place can t use a CDR file, there are AI (Adobe Illustrator) versions of the files also available on the companion Web site.
How many minutes of annual down time a year are permissible How will software defects be classified, measured, and reported Does the application require testing to certify to a maximum number of critical modification requests per release Do we have firm estimates of average, peak, and busy time data rates Does the business require several applications to share a highly available configuration to save hardware costs Can your application coexist with other applications on a host Do we have some idea of where future growth will take us How many of our conflicts in supporting non-functional goals are actually caused by vendor product defects
FIgUre 31-37 You can commit or ignore individual files in the CheckIn dialog box.
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