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For more information on the Move To specific record server behavior, see 23.
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3 Touring Dreamweaver
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As with text or images, the first step in altering a table (or any of its elements) is selection. Dreamweaver simplifies the selection process, making it easy to change both the properties and the contents of entire tables, selected rows or columns, and even non-adjacent cells. You can change the vertical alignment of a row, for example, with a click or two of the mouse instead of highlighting and modifying each individual cell.
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The preceeding example works quite well on HPC and PC Pro devices, but on a PPC device (or in a really large form), we d run out of screen real estate before we got all of the controls displayed. You may be wondering what happens if you create and initialize more controls than fit on the screen. It depends. Sometimes nothing really bad happens, other than the fact that you can t see all of the controls in the bands. You can t scroll them into view, though, and to be useful, bands and their controls must be visible. Listing 2.2 shows one way you can handle forms that have more than a single screen s worth of bands. This form in the PagedBands example organizes controls into sets of pages, through which the programmer controls navigation.
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Part V Adding Multimedia Elements
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The origin of the unique dome-and-keel architecture of the Archean cratons (Section 11.3.4) is important for understanding the nature of Archean tectonics. In general, interpretations can be divided into contrasting views about the relative roles of vertical and horizontal displacements in producing this pattern. The Eastern Pilbara craton in western Australia illustrates how vertical and horizontal tectonic models have been applied to explain the dome-and-keel structural style. During this discussion, it is important to keep in mind that the crustal structure, as illustrated by the Pilbara example, is the product of multiple episodes of deformation, metamorphism, and pluton emplacement rather than a single tectonic episode.
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A side effect of the stateless nature of the HTTP protocol is that the interface presented in the browser can easily get out of sync with the state of the model on the server. This pitfall addresses a common scenario involving the lack of synchronization that arises in nearly every application. It is common for a user to submit values using a form on a given page and then, at some later point, backtrack to the cached page, edit the now stale values, and submit the form again. This has the potential to corrupt the underlying data store by creating duplicate records, overwriting current data with stale values, and so on. In the best case, it creates a bad transaction that is rejected by the data store. Unless you have explicitly made sure that your forms will not submit more than once, you are stuck in this pitfall.
Keep in mind that the Rollover Image object inserts both the original image and its alternate, whereas the Swap Image technique is applied to an existing image in the Web page. If you prefer to use the Rollover Image object rather than the Swap Image behavior, nothing prevents you from deleting an existing image from the Web page and inserting it again through the Rollover Image object. Just make sure that you note the path and name of the image before you delete it so you can find it again.
Graphics.getGraphics().clearScreen(); button.paint(); } public void penDown( int x, int y ) { if( button.pressed( x, y ) ){ System.out.println( "You pressed me!" ); } } }
The video coming off the video spot in the previous figure is too weak to be used with a pocket TV; therefore, we must boost it. There was a booster in the RF box, but of course it s gone now, leaving us to build one from scratch. If you re planning to make one of the portables in the next two chapters, you can skip this section, as the method of construction of this circuit is included there. Following are the parts you ll need to create a NES video amplifier (Table 6-1) and the howto instructions.
Although most modern Web layouts employ AP elements, some legacy pages still rely on table-based layouts. Dreamweaver enables you to get the best of both worlds by making it possible for you to use AP elements to design complex page layouts, and then to transform those AP elements into tables that can be viewed in earlier browsers. Designing this way has some limitations you can t, for example, actually place AP element items on top of one another. Nevertheless, Dreamweaver s capability to convert AP elements to tables (and tables to AP elements) enables you to create complex layouts with ease.
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