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6. Click OK to create the site. This doesn t modify anything in the Techniques folder, it simply sets
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We consider now how to simultaneously fill f erasures and correct e errors in a binary code with a given decoding algorithm [373, p. 2291. In this case, all that is necessary is to determine for each erasure whether the missing value should be a one or a zero. An erasure decoding algorithm for this case can be described as follows: 1. Place zeros in all erased coordinates and decode using the usual decoder for the code. Call the resulting codeword co. 2. Place ones in all erased coordinates and decode using the usual decoder for the code. Call the resulting codeword c1. 3. Find which of co and c1 is closest to r. This is the output code. Let us examine why this decoder works. Suppose we have (2e f ) < d d n (so that correct decoding is possible). In assigning 0 to the f erased coordinates we thereby generated eo errors, eo 5 f , so that the total number of errors to be corrected is (eo e ) . In assigning 1 to the f erased coordinates, we make el errors, el 5 f , so that the total number of errors to be corrected is (el e). Note that eo el = j , so that either eo or el is less than or equal to f/2. Thus either
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We are all familiar with the parlor game Telephone, in which ten or fteen people sit in a line or a circle while someone whispers a message in the ear of the rst person, who whispers it in the ear of the next person, who passes the message to the next individual, and so on. Typically, by the time the message is passed on to the last person, it has undergone some modi cation. I clearly recall a personal experience with message modi cation. Many years ago, when I was a freshman in college, the college president invited me and two dozen other freshmen to his house for a getacquainted tea. Upon entering his house, I encountered a reception line of three school of cials (the admissions director, the assistant dean, and the dean), and at the end of the line stood President Lowry.
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program nationwide. There was just one problem: You don t know which agency is in charge of infected eggs, recalled Caroline Smith DeWaal, director of the CSPI s program on food safety. The U.S. Agriculture Department s Agricultural Marketing Service inspects egg facilities regularly for cleanliness and grades the eggs based on yolk size. Another arm of the Agriculture Department, the Food Safety and Inspection Service, tracks diseased animals and also inspects facilities that make egg products, like powdered eggs. The FDA is supposed to keep infected food out of retail stores and recall eggs that have caused outbreaks of food poisoning. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issues advisories to state health departments, nursing homes, and hospitals. If the chicken is sick, USDA is in charge, DeWaal summarized. If the chicken is not sick but lays infected eggs, the FDA is in charge. According to the CSPI, the Agriculture Department and the FDA started out in 1988 with a voluntary joint program under which the industry would rein in potentially dangerous processes that could lead to a salmonella outbreak. But a year later, the cooperation had fallen apart, and each agency was working on its own mandatory program. The Agriculture folk announced theirs first, so the FDA dropped its tougher version. Then Congress stepped in, passing a law in 1991 authorizing the Agriculture Department to require that eggs be kept at 45 degrees Fahrenheit (or colder) after they are packed and while they are transported. The same law also ordered the FDA to ensure that restaurants maintain that temperature. However, the FDA does not inspect restaurants; state and local health departments do. The FDA in 2000 put out a notice advising consumers and retailers to refrigerate and thoroughly cook eggs, but that was still voluntary. Finally, in September 2004, the agency proposed rules that would require strict tests, pest and rodent control, cleaning and disinfecting procedures, and other processes for egg farmers. The confusion over eggs is not a fluke. Because the FDA has such a sprawling jurisdiction, running from cell phones to salad to saccharin and beyond, it inevitably bumps up against other government agencies with authority over closely related products. The Agriculture Department (USDA) is by far its biggest neighbor, but the FDA also frequently overlaps with the Federal Trade Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency, state regulators, and a whole alphabet soup of government entities. When it does, the FDA is at a bureaucratic disadvantage. It is not a Cabinet department like Agriculture. It is not an independent agency like the EPA. It is not headed by someone with a direct mandate from the vot-
with Parkinson s. The man sits and sits, often staring into space, unwilling to do anything or go out. At his brief medical appointments, his neurologist tells him he is doing fine and that he should come back in three months. I don t know whether the neurologist is neglecting discussion, advice, and the adjustment of medication to this patient s needs, or whether the patient and his spouse are failing to speak up about the patient s symptoms, problems, and needs. I do know that nothing is happening, except that the patient goes home to his chair, the spouse goes back to the same hopeless feelings, and the neurologist goes to the bank with another fee. In this case, as in so many others like it, one can only advise that another doctor be consulted, preferably a specialist in Parkinson s, and that the patient and the spouse take a more active role in communicating their situation and their needs. I don t want to imply that everyone who has Parkinson s needs to have a Parkinson s specialist to get adequate treatment. However, I do believe that every person with Parkinson s deserves a doctor who has a special interest in (or excellent experience with) this disease, whether he or she is a specialist, a neurologist, or a general practitioner. Common sense tells me that no matter how competent a family doctor may be, no one doctor has the time to keep up with all the new treatments for the broad range of illnesses that he or she may diagnose. The same is true of neurologists, although their area is much narrower. But even neurologists specialize; a neurologist who specializes in Parkinson s disease does not have to divide his or her time among such a large variety of disorders. The neurologist attends conferences and symposia and participates in testing and research that relate to Parkinson s. He or she is aware of all the latest developments and can help patients take advantage of them. Once you have found the right doctor, you must take the initiative and talk to him or her. Communication is so important! Your health and well-being depend on it. One thing you must talk to your doctor about is the cost of medications, therapies, and fees, as well as the extent to which you are covered (or not covered) in
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global kernel function (16.1), having a variable node (or vertex) for each (single) variable
c o m p o s i ~ o ~ one or more processes. The of definition of a composite process is preceded by I l .
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