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By default, Dreamweaver sets up your framesets so all the frames have gray borders that are 6 pixels wide. You can alter the border color, change the width, or eliminate the borders altogether. All of the border controls are handled through the Frameset Property Inspector.
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wide) extensional basins oored by basalt and gabbro were created behind one or more island arcs that eventually accreted onto the continental margin (Glen, 2005). Between the volcanic rocks are the accreted parts of a huge submarine sediment dispersal system that developed along the Gondwana margin during the early Paleozoic. Diachronous pulses of contractional and strike-slip deformation followed each extensional cycle, generating upright folds and overprinting cleavages in a series of thrust wedges in the upper 15 km of the crust. This style of shortening did not lead to the development of a well-de ned foreland basin nor a foreland fold and thrust belt of the type seen in the central Andes (Fig. 10.5) and the Himalaya (Figs 10.19, 10.20). Instead, it was controlled by the thick (10 km) succession of turbidites and locally high geothermal gradients. These rela- barcode
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Notice the use of the over ow property in the code for Figure 21-8. This property controls what happens when an element s content is larger than the element s de ned box. The scroll value enables scroll bars on the element so the user can scroll to see the rest of the content. The over ow property also supports the values visible (which causes the element to be displayed in its entirety, despite box size constraints) and hidden (which causes the part of the element that over ows to be clipped and inaccessible). If you change the background-attachment value to xed, the background image remains stationary, as shown in Figure 21-9.
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You can find adapters of this sort at most electronics retailers. Radio Shack stocks an adapter (catalog #273-1667) that, combined with an Adaptaplug (catalog #273-1709), will work as well.
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20 Creating a Behavior
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FIgUre 18-8 With a small bit of code, the calendar can be reconfigured to start on a different day of the week.
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C:\WINDOWS>ruby puts Good Morning ^D (ctrl + D)
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P1: KTX WY022-27
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A DSN-less connection uses the same driver as a DSN connection, but without relying on the definition of a Data Source Name. The syntax of a DSN-less connection varies for each type of database, but basically has five parts:
FIgUre 26-1 Open the Flash Video Encoder settings to choose the optimal delivery quality for your Flash video.
Eastern Iapetus
Listing 3.2 A save Action containing business-tier code. (continues)
In y2 the e 2t-term has dropped out. The result can be confirmed classically by noting that we must have y2(4) y1(4) 3e 16 4e 16 4e 8 y 2(4) 32. r 35e 2t(1 (s 2 Its solution is Y The inverse transform of Y is y Thus, y 34. t y (0) t, y 2 2e y(t ) e e 2t 2e
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120 Dietary supplements and functional foods
Many solutions for definition of data formats for trust management have been proposed over the years, each with sound technical architectures for the goals outlined earlier and all using reliable, standards-based solutions. Unfortunately, these solutions have either used proprietary technologies or interface definitions, have not been of production quality, or are not ported to certain platforms. These problems have prevented widespread adoption. In contrast, the current efforts from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) are more attractive because of an emphasis on open standards, protocol independence, and the use of an immense base of existing work supporting XML. Although e-commerce and business-to-business communications are presented as the primary reasons for their creation, it is easy to see that these standards have wider applicability. The proposed standards do not attack the problem from the common single vendor solution viewpoint, solving all issues of encryption, signatures, key management, or assertion definition at one blow. The proposals selectively choose smaller arenas to define data formats. The design shows attention to detail and leaves unspecified many divisive issues, such as the definition of underlying protocols, methods for secure communications, or preferences for messaging. Although many of the current definitions show interdependency on other Working Group standards (and are in fact vaporware until someone starts putting compliant products out), the direction is clear: Security management is about data management. Before we leap into our synopsis of the acronym fest that is XML and Security Services, we will describe one of the architectural forces driving our goal of representing security-related data for all of the repositories that we have defined; namely, the networking philosophy of the Internet.
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Warn when Opening Read-Only Files
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