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For all its multimedia flash and visual interactivity, the Web is based on code. The more you code, the more particular about your code you are likely to become. Achieving a consistent look and feel to your code enhances its readability and, thus, your productivity. In Dreamweaver, you can even design the HTML code that underlies a Web page s structure. Every time you open a new document, the default Web page already has several key elements in place, such as the language the page is to be rendered in. Dreamweaver also enables you to customize your work environment by selecting default fonts and even the colors of your HTML code.
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may not prove very effective. In the face of a near-revolt by cancer patients, Medicare in January 2004 put off a final decision on a proposal not to cover the unauthorized uses of four drugs. Some promotional tactics are so egregious that now and then they do get slapped down. In May 2004 Pfizer pleaded guilty to illegal off-label marketing of its epilepsy drug Neurontin and agreed to pay $430 million in civil and criminal penalties. The charges actually concerned activities by WarnerLambert, before Pfizer bought that company in 2000. A former medical advisor to the sales staff of Warner-Lambert had accused the drug maker of illegally paying doctors consulting fees and plying them with exotic trips and fancy dinners in an attempt to peddle Neurontin for more than a dozen off-label uses. Federal prosecutors in Boston and Philadelphia, the New York State attorney general, and other law enforcement officials have investigated more companies for their promotions, including the manufacturer of Provigil. Another example: A one-time sales rep for a small California biotech called InterMune charged that her ex-employer improperly pitched its drug Actimmune, which had been approved for just two rare childhood diseases, as a treatment for a more common lung disease in adults. InterMune officials denied encouraging improper promotions. None of these cases was taken on by the FDA, however. So if off-label prescribing cannot be stopped and arguably should not be the best solution is to make sure doctors get more accurate information about the drugs, all their possible uses, and their side effects, and less misleading hype. Carl Peck concluded his comment about letting doctors use their best judgment with the caveat: I would caution that they ought to have adequate evidence. How Hutt suggested that the package label could include a section, prominently displayed, that cites articles in professional journals discussing the off-label uses. Two other trends in the early 2000s might also help. One was a push to make public more results from clinical trials. That could let doctors know about the dangers of some off-label uses as well as positive results. In addition, there was growing pressure to crack down on the frenzy of pharmaceutical marketing of all sorts. If approved drugs could no longer be promoted with expensive dinners and consulting fees to doctors, then it would certainly be harder to push the drugs for unapproved uses that way. Alternatively, maybe the FDA could streamline the clinical trial requirements for secondary uses so that more drug companies would be willing
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public class MyClass { private Object someObject; public MyClass( Object obj ){ someObject = obj; } public void deinitialize(){ someObject = null; } }
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In this chapter s example, you ll see how to find all of the databases of a remote device and retrieve database attributes. You ll also see how to read the
if ( !author. equals ( " ) bookQuery += "and" +SE-CONST.DB-AUTHOR+
If you plan to put decal graphics on your portable, it s best to get a flat-surface piece of engraving plastic, so they will adhere well. Decals will stick to textured plastic, but may look weird.
One caveat for adding new UrLs to the jump menu through the properties panel: any filenames with spaces or special characters should be UrL-encoded. In other words, if one of your filenames is about us.htm, it should be entered using the hexadecimal equivalent for a space (%20): about%20us.htm. also, if you enter a filename or UrL that contains special characters in the List Values dialog box, the resulting code translates the special characters into their hTML codes, thus breaking the UrL. Most notably, an ampersand (&) entered in the List Values dialog box is encoded as &.
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