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public class HelloWorld extends MainWindow { public void onPaint( Graphics g ) { g.setColor( 0, 0, 0 ); g.drawText( "Hello, world!", 0, 0 ); } }
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This simple example only scratches the surface of the power behind ASP. More complex code could look up data in a database and present it in tabular format or perform other complex operations whose results could then be presented in HTML, using the same method as shown previously. To use ASP (and the latest ASP.NET) requires a Microsoft Server running IIS along with the various pieces of ASP and .NET technologies. A good tutorial for getting up and running with ASP appears on the ASP101.com Web site, at www.asp101.com/ lessons/install.asp.
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You can save a step in the Insert record server behavior setup by naming your form elements the same as their relevant data source fields. Dreamweaver automatically assigns the form elements to any data fields with matching names. Unfortunately, this process could expose the field names in your database and give hackers more information about your database than you d like them to know.
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Note that instead of up to time step n, Equation B.5 that applies up to time step n - k will be:
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FIgUre 16-11 If you want to use isolated frame borders, you have to carefully plan your Web page frameset to avoid overlapping borders.
So far, we ve mostly been tossing unnecessary things out. Not so with the string table, which is a key tool for several reasons. First, Windows CE has aggressively embraced the world market for handheld and palmtop computers. This is the motivation behind CE s standardization on Unicode. Putting all the application s static text in the string table means that an application can be fully translated by manipulating only the resource file and the help files. It doesn t even have to be recompiled, only linked with a new language version of the resource file. More important, however, is the string table s potential to conserve the runtime memory. In a nutshell, here s the memory advantage of using the string table. Every Windows CE application occupies a region of read-only memory in which the program image and read-only static data are stored. This region is separate and distinct from the read/write memory used by an executing application. String resources are stored in read-only memory and never used en masse, but instead are loaded on demand at run time by an application. This dramatically reduces the application s footprint in the memory region used for the application heap and stack.
Figure 23 Processing a t each layer .
Table 13.6 Wells Fargo Loan Portfolio with Estimated Losses
part VI
If you are creating Web pages for the global market, consider using the format designated by the 1974-03-07 example. This year-month-day format is an ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standard and is computer sortable.
Manganese is classi ed as an essential nutrient that is required in trace amounts. COMA (1991) felt that there was insuf cient data to set rm dietary standards for manganese but they suggested a safe intake for adults of at least 1.4 mg/day (1.8 mg/day in the USA). There are several important manganese-containing enzymes including pyruvate carboxylase which is important in gluconeogenesis and mitochondrial superoxide dismutase which is important in removing the damaging superoxide free radical (see 5). Large numbers of enzymes are activated by manganese although many, but not all, of these are also activated by other metals especially magnesium. Manganese de ciency has been experimentally induced in several animal species but de ciency symptoms in humans that can unequivocally be attributed to manganese de ciency are extremely rare and even the few potential examples are restricted to individuals consuming manganese de cient semi-puri ed diets or receiving TPN containing no manganese. Average intakes in the UK are estimated to be around 5 mg/day with as much as half of this coming from tea; the highest UK consumers ingest over 8 mg/day from their diet. Given the lack of any spontaneous examples of manganese de ciency and given that average intakes are more than three times the UK safe intake there seems to be no need for supplemental manganese to prevent de ciency . There are suggestions that manganese supplements may be useful in some cases of diabetes and arthritis but there are only anecdotal observations to support these claims and there is insuf cient evidence to support claims that it may be useful in maintaining bone health (COMA 1998b). In the UK, manganese is present in some multinutrient supplements and some mineral supplements at levels of up to 10 mg/day. COMA (1991) and Nielsen (1999) conclude that orally consumed manganese has very low toxicity although poisoning by inhalation of airborne manganese does sometimes occur in miners and industrial workers where it produces neurological symptoms similar to those seen in Parkinson s disease. FSA (2003) review several studies of people chronically consuming high amounts of manganese in drinking water or with prolonged use of manganese supplements. They conclude that there is insuf cient evidence to set safe upper levels for manganese but they suggest that a total intake of 12 mg/day would be unlikely to have any adverse effects in most adults; although as older people may be more sensitive to manganese toxicity they reduce this value to 8.7 mg/day in the elderly. People consuming average amounts of dietary manganese and the maximum supplement dose will consume considerably more than these admittedly tentative and conservative upper limits. Heavy tea consumers would also ingest considerably more manganese than average but whether this is bio-available or physiologically signi cant is unknown.
Not all servers expect server-side image maps in the same format. The format offered here conforms to the NCSA HPPD standard. If you re unsure of the required format, or of where to put your maps on your server, check with your server administrator before creating a server-side image map.
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