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FIgUre 31-27 Enter new users one at a time through CPS s User Directory File based interface.
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However, you can use the border-side properties to shorten the de nition, de ning the border width, style, and color with one property:
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6. After the file transfer is complete, open a browser and connect to the URL for the site. 7. Navigate to every page and try all links and user actions, including rollovers. Note any files not found or other errors. 8. If errors occurred, return to Dreamweaver and verify the links for the problem files. 9. If necessary, repair the links and re-upload the HTML file. In most cases, you will not need to resend the dependent files. 10. Repeat Steps 6 through 9 with all available browsers and systems.
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where Fel is the Coulomb force, 0 the permittivity in vacuum, A the area of the plates with width w and length l, V the applied voltage, and d the distance between the plates. This equation shows that the force is reciprocally proportional to the square of the distance between the plates. This means that for a wide separation the force is small, but for very narrow separations the force becomes extremely high and the plates snap. Hence this effect is often used for switches but not for actuators that require a smooth controllable displacement. In electrostatic MEMS actuators, the Coulomb force Fel is mostly employed in a cantilever beam con guration, frequently known as a parallel-plate actuator (also a bridge-like con guration is possible; however moderate control voltages can only be obtained by very small electrode separations). Such a cantilever, which is xed at one end, is pulled down when an electrical eld between the top and bottom electrodes is applied. The threshold voltage for this type of drive can be approximated for the quasi-static case by [58]: Vth = 18EIg 3 5 0 l 4 w
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11 Establishing Web Links
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private void initialize( Object value ) { _value = value; } private void deinitialize() { _value = null; }
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FIgUre 12-19 The Show-Hide Elements action can make any number of hidden elements visible, hide any number of visible elements, or both.
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Those staffers who face the flak from both sides; who catch, or don t
Part I So You Want to Make a Portable Video Game System, Eh
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