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There are many definitions of telemedicine, which reflect changes in the understanding and practice of telemedical techniques. Telemedicine is the use of information and communication technologies to transfer medical information for the delivery of clinical and educational services. Telehealth is the use of information and communication technologies to transfer healthcare information for the delivery of clinical, administrative and educational services. Telecare is the use of information and communication technologies to transfer medical information for the delivery of clinical services to patients in their place of domicile. We can divide the development of telemedicine into four phases: telegraphy and telephony, radio, televisionlspace technologies, and digital technologies. Technological drivers of telemedicine development include computing and information technology, network and telecommunications infrastructure, and a technology-led society. Non-technological drivers include extension of access to healthcare services, healthcare provision for travellers, military applications, home telecare, cost reduction, market development, and health policy. There is a dilemma and a debate as to whether telemedicine will advance from carrying out basic research or from development work sponsored by industry. Developed nations adopt telemedicine and telecare to lower costs, increase convenience for patients, extend access to communities, and improve the quality of treatment by expanding specialist advice. barcode control
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June 10, 2004
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All figures (000) Year Personnel Operations Support Mgmt Communications Technicians Production support Systems administration Training Operations Documention Security services Facility/Capital Budget Hardware Capital Budget Remote Access Environmental/ Utilities Floor space Administrative support Total 0 0 0 0 0 400 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 $561 0 0 0 0 0 $567 0 10 0 0 0 $577 0 0 0 0 0 $567 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 140 291 21 21 20 0 52 140 291 21 21 20 16 52 140 311 22 22 20 0 52 140 311 22 22 20 0 52 140 311 22 22 20 0 52 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007
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Though it outputs the right voltage, the average battery charger doesn t provide enough amps to run your portable. (See 3 for more info on volts and amps.)
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Server-Side Scripting Languages
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N ( x ) = W ( x ) P ( x ) (mod lT(x)),
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import; import; import; try { Connection conn = "" ); .... // do something with the connection } catch( IOException e ){ // couldn t connect }
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4) Compare the theoretical and simulated results. Comment on the accuracy of the simulation and the amount of time it took to run the simulation. Comment on the importance of theoretical models (where it is possible to obtain them). I Fix Ec (typically Ec = 1). Compute R . z FOR each signal-to-noise ratio y = E b / N o : 5) Plot the probability of error for Po = 0.1, Po = 0.25 3 Compute No = E c / ( R y ) and o 2 = N a p . and PO = 0.5 on the same axes. Compare them and com4 Compute the BSC crossover probability p = Q(m). ment. 5 DO: 6 Generate r as a vector of n random bits which are 1 8-PSK Simulation with probability p 7 Increment the number of bits generated by k. 1) Write a program that will simulate an 8-PSK communi8 compute the syndrome s = rHT. cation system with equal prior bit probabilities. Use a signal 9 Ifs # 0, determine the error location based on the column constellationin which the points are numbered in Gray code of H which is equal to s and complementthat bit of r order. Make your program so that you can estimate both the 10 Count the number of decoded bits (out of k) in r which match the all-zero message bits symbol error probability and the bit error probability. De1I Accumulate the number of bits in error. cide on an appropriate value of N . 12 UNTIL at least N bit errors have been counted. 1 3 Compute the probability of error. 2) Prepare data from which to plot the bound on the prob14EndFOR ability of symbol error Ps using (1.26) and probability of bit error P using (1.27). b The coding gain for a coded system is the difference 3) Plot the simulated probability of symbol error and bit in the SNR required between uncoded and coded systems error on the same axes as the bounds on the probabilities of achieving the same probability of error. Usually the coding error. 4) Compare the theoretical and simulated results. Comgain is expressed in dF3 . ment on the accuracy of the bound compared to the simulaAssignment tion and the amount of time it took to run the simulation. PreliminaryExercises Show that if X is a random vari- Coded BPSK Simulation able with mean 0 and variance 1 then 1) Write a program that will simulate performance of the (7,4) Hamming code over a BSC channel with channel Y=aX+b crossover probability p = Q ( d a ) plot the proband ability of error as a function of Eb/NO i dB.On the same n is a random variable with mean b and variance a2. plot, plot the theoretical probability of error for uncoded BPSK transmission. Identify what the coding gain is for a Programming Part probability of error Pb = 2) Repeat this for a (15, 11) Hamming code. (See page 97 BPSK Simulation and equations (3.6) and (3.4)) 1) Write a program that will simulate a BPSK communication system with unequal prior bit probabilities. Using Resources and implementationSuggestlons your program, create data from which to plot the probabilA unit Gaussian random variable has mean zero and ity of bit error obtained from your simulation for SNRs in variance 1. Given a unit Gaussian random variable, using the range from 0 to 10 dB,for the three cases that Po = 0.5 (in which case your plot should look much like Figure 1.lo), the preliminary exercise, it is straightforwardto generate a PO = 0.25, and Po = 0.1. Decide on an appropriate value Gaussian random variable with any desired variance. The function g r a n provides a unit Gaussian random of N . variable, generated using the Box-Muller transformation of 2) Prepare data from which to plot the theoretical probability of error (1.24) for the same three values of Po. (You two uniform random variables. The function granil remay want to combine these first two programs into a single turns two unit Gaussian random variables. This is useful for simulations in two-dimensional signal constellations. program.) 0 There is nothing in this lab that makes the use of C++ im3) Plot the simulated probability of error on the same axes perative, as opposed to C. However, you may find it useful as the theoretical probability of error. The plots should to use C++ in the following ways: have Eb/NO in dF3 as the horizontal axis and the probability as the vertical axis, plotted on a logarithmic scale (e.g., semilogy in Matlab).
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When will you know to start inserting comments into your HTML code The first time you go back to an earlier Web page, look at the code and say, What on earth was I thinking You should plan ahead and develop the habit of commenting your code now. Browsers run fine without your comments, but for any continued development of the Web page or of yourself as a Webmaster commenting your code is extremely beneficial. Sometimes, as in a corporate setting, Web pages are codeveloped by teams of designers and programmers. In this situation, commenting your code may not just be a good idea; it may be required. An HTML comment looks like the following:
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If the engraving plastic has a texture, you shouldn t use water to apply the vinyl, or it won t stick as well.
P1: JYS WY022-43 WY022/Pfaffenberger WY022/Pfaffenberger-v3.cls June 10, 2004 5:7
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* external style sheets embedded style sheets * inline style sheets Lemay [1999] gives a very good and detailed explanation of stylesheet. Here we give an overview based on Lernay's approach.
So all the combinations of selecting ve (k) elements from a total of 10 (N) is 252. That is, if the data consists of measurements of 10 genes and we assume that only ve genes at one timestep affect a gene at the next timestep, there are 252 possible combinations. Select ve from 100, though, and the number of possible combinations rises to 75 287 520; select ve from 10 000 (a typical gene expression experiment) and the numbers become unmanageable. The total number of solutions cannot be searched exhaustively to guarantee optimality. This problem is therefore very dif cult to solve with traditional methods and this is where GAs can be used.
Regulation in the USA
User authentication is the first step in many end-to-end use cases in an application. Authentication is the process of establishing the validity of a claimed identity. There are many authentication schemes, and here are a few.
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