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Head Tag Object Meta Keywords Description Refresh Base Link Description Inserts information that describes or affects the entire document. Includes a series of words used by the search engine to index the current Web page and/or site. Includes a text description of the current Web page and/or site. Reloads the current document or loads a new URL within a specified number of seconds. Establishes a reference for all other URLs in the current Web page. Inserts a link to an external document, such as a style sheet.
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When you replace text in the Document window, it is replaced regardless of its formatting. For example, suppose you have the following paragraph: Mary s accusation reminded Jon of studying synchrones in high school. Synchrones, he recalled, were graphs in which the lines constantly approached zero, but never made it. Yeah, he thought, That s me, all right. I m one big synchrone. Upon discovering that synchrone should actually be asymptote, you could use the Find and Replace feature to replace all the plain, italic, and bold versions of the synchrone text simultaneously.
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Working with the Frame Property inspector
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Part VI Working with Dynamic HTML and Dreamweaver
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Figure 14.39 Schematic energy band diagram of diamond electrolyte junction versus the electrochemical potential scale, adapted from Ref. [217]. The diagram is drawn for oxygen-terminated diamond by a wet chemical treatment as described in the text in equilibrium with pH 1 electrolyte. Reprinted from J. Appl. Phys., The electronic surface barrier of boron-doped diamond by anodic oxidation by A. Denisenko, C. Pientzka, A. Romanyuk, H. El-Hajj, E. Kohn, 103, 014904 Copyright (2008) American Institute of Physics
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Medium cost Medium probability Excluded from Business Case, but is critical in reality
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CREATION OF A TEAM NAME. The creation of a team name is a common device for making the project team more tangible. Frequently, an associated team logo is also created. The name and logo might be af xed to such things as stationery, T-shirts, coffee mugs, and caps. If done with good humor, this collection of trinkets and trash (as project staff have dubbed them) can serve a signi cant role in developing team identity.
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5.23 [234] Pad6 Approximation and the Euclidean Algorithm. Let A(x) = a0 a l x a2x2 .. be a power series with coefficients in a field F. A ( p , u) Pad6 approximant to A(x) is a rational function p(x)/q(x) such that q(x)A(x) = p ( x ) (mod xN+l), where p + u = N and where deg(p(x) 5 p and deg(q(x)) 5 u. That is, A(x) agrees with the expansion p ( x ) / q ( x )for terms uptoxN. ThePad6conditioncanbewrittenasq(x)AN(x) = p(x) (mod xN+l), whereAN(x) is the Nth truncation of A(x), AN(x) = uo + a l x
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The entities that comprise the Space Invaders game have behavior in common with respect to the way that they move about in the game space.We model this of common behavioras the SPRITE process listed below. The behavior the spaceship, missiles and aliens is defined using this process.
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<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC -//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN > <html> <head> <title>Excerpt of Black Beauty</title> </head> <body> <p>One day he was at this game, and did not know that the master was in the next eld; but he was there, watching what was going on; over the hedge he jumped in a snap, and catching Dick by the arm, he gave him such a box on the ear as made him roar with the pain and surprise. As soon as we saw the master we trotted up nearer to see what went on.</p> <p> Bad boy! he said, bad boy! to chase the colts. This is not the rst time, nor the second, but it shall be the last. There -- take your money and go home; I shall not want you on my farm again. </p> <p>So we never saw Dick any more. Old Daniel, the man who looked after the horses, was just as gentle as our master, so we were well off.</p>
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