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At times, text-based applications can be very monotonous for a user and difficult to work with. This chapter can be helpful for those who want to learn to develop user-friendly graphic interfaces. Imagine how exciting it would be to enable a user to enter the required details in a window with different controls for each detail where the user can activate or choose options simply by pointing and clicking with a mouse instead of asking for details on the Ruby prompt. Such applications that interact with a user by means of an interface represented by using icons, menus, and dialog boxes on the screen are called graphic user interface (GUI) applications. In this chapter you will learn about Tk, the GUI framework for Ruby, and use Tk to create GUI applications. As a part of this, you will learn about various controls that can be included in a GUI. You will further enhance the skills you gain in this chapter by designing a GUI application. Before moving on to the concepts related to Tk, let s take a brief overview of GUI applications. A GUI application has a user interface. We can compare this with a painting. In the case of a painting, the canvas holds together various components, such as lines, circles, and boxes. Similarly, a GUI application consists of a number of controls, such as text boxes, labels, and buttons, that are contained inside a window. You no doubt have come across a number of GUI applications in day-to-day life. These applications can range from an online registration form on a Web site to a calculator used in a home personal computer (PC). Ruby enables you to create visually appealing GUI applications using Tk. The next section discusses Tk.
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In a Palm device, RAM and ROM are packaged together on a piece of hardware called a memory card. In theory, there can be several memory cards per device, but in practice, there is only one (referred to as card 0).
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Identifying a Configuration
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Rubywin is a complete IDE for Ruby on Windows. The Rubywin.exe file comes with the setup file. In Windows Explorer, each time you double-click a .rb file, the code in the file executes, and the command prompt window pops up and closes. However, when you double-click a .rbw file, the window does not open, and the code executes in the background. Using the Windows 32 API functions, you can access the low-level system features of the Windows operating system. Ruby provides the class WIN32API to access these functions. Ruby provides the Windows automation feature. Ruby acts like the Windows automation client, and the Windows automation server is Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. To access the features of the automation server, Ruby provides a class WIN32OLE. All the methods unknown to the class WIN32OLE are handled by the method invoke of the class WIN32OLE. The method Range is used to insert values into the cells in Microsoft Excel. The method select is used to select a range of cells in Microsoft Excel. You specify a type to a chart by using the method Type. You insert text into a Word document by using the method Content of the Word document.
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Once the shoulder buttons and battery tabs are in place, we can install the PSOne motherboard itself. The first connections to make are from the memory card/Player 2 port to the PSOne board: 1. Lay the PSOne board, front side downward, with the Player 1/2 connections near the lower screw post on the inside of the rear plate. 2. Using solid thin ultra ATA hard drive ribbon cable, connect the eight memory card leads to the eight Player 1 memory card spots on the board. Keep these wires around 3-1/2 in length so that the PSOne board can lay as flat as possible later on.
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Figure 10.1 (a) Shaded relief map of the central and southern Andes showing topographic features of the Nazca and South American plates. Map was constructed using the same topographic data and methods as in Fig. 7.1. Black dots are active volcanoes. LOFZ is the Liqui e-Ofqui fault zone. Box shows location of Fig. 10.1b. ANCORP pro le shown in Fig. 10.6. (b) Physiographic provinces of the central Andes (modi ed from Mpodozis et al., 2005, with permission from Elsevier).
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part III
Part II Making Portable Game Consoles
Source: Federal Reserve Flow of Funds Accounts of the United States, IMF Global Financial Stability Report October 2008, Goldman Sachs Global Economics Paper No. 177, FDIC Quarterly Banking Pro le, OFHEO, S&P Leveraged Commentary & Data, T2 Partners estimates.
FIGURE 1-8: The pesky door that protects the Atari cartridge s guts from the outside world.
We cast the pointer to the buffer returned by CeReadRecordProps() to a PCEPROPVAL so that you can use it to access the individual CEPROPVAL structures. Now we are ready to create the list box strings:
Cyclic Codes, Rings, and Polynomials
Domain knowledge: the management science literature does not guide us
South China South Africa Tarim Australia India North China M Possible pre-Rodinia basement covered by Phanerozoic cover or ice Exposed pre-Rodinia basement 2.1 1.8 Ga orogens 1.8 1.3 Ga orogens East Antarctica
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