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Site Window Action When your site is properly configured, the Connect button automatically calls your remote site and uses whatever login and password are necessary to get you online. After the connection is confirmed, the button changes into a Disconnect button. To move files between your local drive and the remote server, use the Get and Put buttons. The Get button copies whatever files are highlighted in the Remote pane to the local folder, and the Put button copies files highlighted in the Local pane to the remote directory. To stop a transfer, select the Stop Current Task button the stop sign in the lower-right corner of the window.
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1. Select the text or image you want to designate as your new link. 2. In the Properties panel, enter the URL into the Link text box. After you ve entered a link, the target option becomes active. 3. In the Target drop-down list, select _blank, as shown in Figure 10-8. You can also type it in the list box. Either way, Dreamweaver inserts a _blank option in the Target list box. Now, when your link is activated, the browser spawns a new window and loads the referenced link into it. The user has both windows available.
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MEMORYSTATUS msMemStats; memset(&msMemStats, 0x0, sizeof( msMemStats) ); msMemStats.dwLength = sizeof( msMemStats); GlobalMemoryStatus( (LPMEMORYSTATUS)&msMemStats ); _stprintf( szBuff, TEXT( %s ), TEXT( % Memory in use )); ListBox_InsertString(hWndList, -1, &szBuff); _stprintf( szBuff, TEXT( %lu ), msMemStats.dwMemoryLoad); ListBox_InsertString(hWndList, -1, &szBuff);
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Activity plan R1 Results by sample (manual entry) The data sheet gives information No. on data to be entered Expected result Ref. crosscheck list Responsible Comments
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TInt Attach(const TDesC& aDbFileName, const TDesC& aDbName);
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Project managers, like people who sh or play the ponies, enjoy telling others the secrets of their effectiveness. One of the most successful project managers I know, formerly vice president of operations of a Fortune 500 rm, is particularly proud of his ability to pick good people for his projects. You know, good people are the scarcest resource on a project, he says. The way I nd the best people is to look for the busiest people. During my twenty- ve years as a project manager, I always selected for my projects the busiest people I could nd. I stayed away from those people who were readily available. The point this man makes is that the best project staff are heavily in demand. They are kept busy because everyone wants to use them. What is especially interesting is that although impossible demands are placed on their time, these people gure out ways to get the job done. Sometimes it seems as if the more work you pile on them, the better they do. Available people, in contrast, make this vice president nervous. Why are they so available he asks. Is there a reason why no one is using them People are a project s most important asset. Whether a project succeeds or fails will likely be determined by the caliber of the people working on it. Unfortunately, this is often forgotten by many of us who write project management textbooks and offer project management seminars. Rather than focus on people, we focus on techniques. We spend most of our time teaching approaches to selecting projects, networking project tasks, and estimating costs. There is a good reason for this preoccupation with technique: it is readily teachable. As an educator, I like teaching techniques, because in a matter of a few hours, I can show students how to master PERT/CPM scheduling; what s more, I can determine through tests whether they have learned their lessons well. Students conspire with instructors in this little game, because they want tangible bene ts from their studies palpable evidence that their time was well spent. The focus on technique distorts our view of what happens on projects. For the most part, projects do not fail because people do not know how to employ advanced project scheduling and budgeting techniques. I have never heard of a project failing because a PERT/CPM network crashed. However, I have heard of many projects becoming unglued because top management issued unrealistic directives to project staff,
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the page to your remote testing server and view it through a Web browser.
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In order to model processes and actions that can take multiple values, both local FSP. This processesandactionlabelsmaybeindexedin expressive power of the notation. Indices always have a that they can take. This ensures that the models we describe in thus potentially mecha~cally analy~able. The process below is a buffer that can a contain a single value - single-slot buffer. It inputs a value in the ran then o u ~ u t that value. s
Foundation (MSM 2004). Despite over 20 years of promotion as a supplement, an electronic search of the medical and scienti c literature produced only a handful of studies that have investigated the ef cacy of MSM supplements and these are mainly small scale preliminary studies in laboratory animals. The main rationale for using MSM as a dietary supplement in non-scienti c sources seems to be as an organic source of sulphur for synthetic processes in the body. For example, because cartilage has a high sulphur content it is argued that MSM as a potential source of sulphur could be useful in the management of conditions such as osteoarthritis where there is degeneration of cartilage. The sulphurcontaining amino acids cysteine and methionine are found in most body proteins and nearly half of the body s sulphur is contained in muscular tissue ; this has been used as a basis for promoting MSM use amongst athletes and body builders. There is little evidence that the body can utilise MSM as a source of sulphur for synthetic processes. Richmond (1986) found that small amounts of radioactively labelled sulphur from MSM administered orally to guinea-pigs could be detected in their serum proteins although most of the radioactivity was excreted in the urine. This report falls well short of demonstrating that mammals can make signi cant use of MSM as a source of sulphur for synthetic processes. Gut micro-organisms may be responsible for any incorporation into animal protein that does occur. The medical and scienti c literature does not even provide promising preliminary evidence to support the use of MSM as a dietary supplement. Suppliers and advocates of this supplement suggest daily doses of up to 2 5 g of MSM. No adverse effects have been reported when rats were given 1.5 g/kg body weight for three months (Horvath et al. 2002). Whilst very high doses appear to be well tolerated in acute and subacute trials, this is no guarantee that chronic mass consumption of these doses will not have adverse effects in some people.
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With those few words from the novel The Jungle in 1906, the Food and Drug Administration was essentially born. From then on, it would ride back and forth on waves of public health crises, political theories of government, budget cuts, scientific discoveries, bureaucratic reshuffling, and consumer outrage.
HTML Snippet Insertion: If checked, an Insert HTML Snippet option is available when in Edit mode, which allows users to enter any HTML code. Typically, this option is enabled only when working with blogs. As noted in the dialog box, this option may override other administrative settings. Break Type: Choose an option from this list to set the characters used to end lines in the Contribute code. The choices Windows (CR LF), Macintosh (CR), and Unix (LF) refer to the Web site host machine and not the Contribute users system.
Tools to create HTML are only half of the equation when creating online documents. You must also have tools available to do graphic editing and supply any multimedia content you use. This section covers a handful of additional tools necessary to create rich, online content.
Databases rival operating systems in terms of the degrees of freedom available to an architect in designing security solutions (see Figure 12.1). We will use Oracle as a terminology reference for most of the discussion to follow, but all database vendors provide similar functionality with varying levels of success. Databases support security at two places: outside the database and inside the database. Databases support network security features, such as integration with enterprise security infrastructures, single-sign on, support for secure protocols such as SSL, and other cryptographic primitives and protocols. These technologies are used by the database to authenticate all users requesting connections. These features have little to do with relational database theory and exist to create a trusted link between the user s client host and the database server. Once a user is authenticated and has an encrypted connection to the database, he or she is considered to be inside the database and any queries made must be secured by using internal database mechanisms. These mechanisms include the following: Session management. At the session level, when users log in to databases, the database sets environment variables for the duration of the session, stores state information to handle successive transactions within the session, and handles session termination. Object ownership. The database schema can define ownership of database objects as tables, indexes, views, procedures, packages, and so on. Users can GRANT or
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