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Now we ll begin to examine the alternatives for menus that are determined to be inappropriate for direct porting from Win32. Here is a listing of the files for the MenuBar Project, an example that demonstrates how to implement the functionality of complex or deeply nested menus using Command Bars.
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Certain social networks MySpace, FaceBook, Friendster have received a huge amount of publicity, but there are actually hundreds more online. Nearly all require members to register, and some like aSmallWorld, DeadJournal, and Doostang require an invitation to join. You can market on a social network, but be very careful in the approach you take. In fact, before you jump in, study what other companies have done. Reuters, for example, has assigned a technology reporter to cover stories within the Second Life virtual world. The reporter s avatar works out of a virtual home office in a virtual building that looks like a cross between Reuters London and Reuters Times Square buildings. Reuters has become the news supplier for Second Life, which at this writing has almost a million residents but is growing by double digits every year. Not only does Reuters enhance its brand by participating in Second Life, it also puts its reporter in a great position to pick up stories about Second Life written just for Second Life members. You probably can t release a movie today without having a presence on MySpace, among other social networks. What if you re marketing hardware or software, financial services or healthcare Should you market on these venues My advice is to be very prudent. Remember, build it and they will come does not apply online. Blow it and they will slam you, however, definitely applies. Perhaps the biggest challenge of the online world is the speed with which news, ideas, opinions can catch on virally, both positive and negative. So choose your social networks with great care.
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You have seen how to create rows and columns using framesets. However, what if you want a little of both For example, consider the layout shown in Figure 12-10.
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