Lab 12: firbo Code Decoding in Java

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assertNull(customer.getAddress()); assertTrue(customer.getInvoices().size() == 0); assertEquals( Elmer , customer.getFirstName()); assertEquals( Fudd , customer.getLastName()); } public void testLookupCustomer() throws Exception { InitialContext ic = new InitialContext(); cHome = (CustomerHome) ic.lookup(CUSTOMER_REF); CustomerPO po = new CustomerPO( Elmer , Fudd ); Customer customer = cHome.lookupCustomer(po, null); assertNotNull(customer); assertEquals( Elmer , customer.getFirstName()); assertEquals( Fudd , customer.getLastName()); }
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objects directly in termsof their synchronized methods. We can perform abstraction mechanicallyby hiding actions. For example, we can describe the behavior of e by: the Synch ronizedcount r class (over a finite integer range) T = O..N VAR = VAR[O], VAR[u:T] = ( read~u]->VAR[u] I write[v:T]->VAR[v]). LOCK = (acquire->release->LOCK). ~ N C R E ~ E N= (acquire->read[x:T] T - ( > ( x 4 ) write[x+l] ->release->increment->INCRE~ENT ) )+{read[T],write[T]}.
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In MYCIN the conditions typically represent evidence, such as lab test results and patient symptoms; the conclusions represent the hypothesis (e.g., the disease that the patient has) given the evidence. The values of x represent the degree to which the evidence was thought to be true; it is a value in the range (0, 1). The values of y represent the degree to which the conclusion follows from the evidence. MYCIN allowed a value to be assigned in the range ( 1, +1). A value of 1 means that the conclusion is certain to be true whenever all the conditions are met, while a value of 1 means that the conclusion is certain to be false under the same conditions. Table 8.1 provides one way of assigning these values to a rule, obtained by interviewing a domain expert. For example, a cardiologist, a specialist in the diseases of the heart, might state: I am almost certain (but not 100% certain) that given the patient s cholesterol readings (both HDL and LDL readings), as well as other patient risk factors, that the patient would bene t from a treatment of cholesterol-lowering drugs. Based on this information, the knowledge engineer might assign a certainty factor of +0.8 to a rule that recommended cholesterol-lowering drugs. How would an expert system process certainty factors when the evidence is imprecise or the data are noisy Here is a rule from MYCIN4 with ( ctitious) certainty factors assigned:
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One of the very greatest strengths of the integrated nature of CE database API is that it allows you to find other databases that exist on a device, query their structures, and dynamically incorporate their data. In upcoming chapters, we ll build on the skills you ve learned here. You ll see how to connect to a Windows CE database from the desktop using the Remote Database API. You ll learn how to remotely enumerate databases, find out what kind of information they contain, and manipulate those data in your applications. We close this section with a brief look at the things you should do and avoid doing, with an eye to conserving battery power. Application behaviors can have a dramatic impact on the battery life, so it s worth understanding your role in the all important task of power conservation.
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