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Part I Getting Started with Dreamweaver
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These three definitions for SWITCH generate identical state machines (Figure 2.1). The reader can verdy this using the LT analysis tool, LT , to draw the state FSP definition. The definitions may also be machinethatcorrespondstoeach animated using the LTSA Animator to produce a sequence of actions. Figure 2.3 shows a screen shot of the LTSA Animator window. The animator lets the user control the actions offered by a model to its environment. Those actions that can h of be chosen for execution are ticked. Figure 2.3, the previous sequence actions, shown on the left, has put the SWITCH in a state where only the on action can occur next. We refer to the sequence of actions produced by the execution of a process (or set of processes) as a trace.
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Appendix B
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Several style sheets can be linked to the same document. When that is the case they follow the cascading guidelines as covered in the section Understanding the style sheet cascade later in this chapter.
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see for examples of realMedia content.
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Figure 9.2 illustrates the geometry. The shaded region is thefeasible region, the region where all the constraints are satisfied. The function x i x2 increases in the direction shown, so that the point in the feasible region maximizing x l x2 is as shown.
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Interactive Forms
degrees (deg) grads (grad) radians (rad)
The Tanner Graph Representation
This chapter is adapted with permission from pp. 45 51 of Bragg, GAAP Implementation Guide, John Wiley & Sons, 2004. 109
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