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4, taking 4(z0) = 0, and inverting
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Substituting for [RL] from Equation (7.21) then gives us the following expression that happily relates Ka to experimental variables: B= K a [L] 1 + K a [L] (7.23)
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Ideally, each photo gets the correct date and time stamp when the camera takes it, but it s all too easy to let battery failure reset the camera s clock to its default date and then take a stack of photos before noticing the date is wrong. Luckily, you can change the date for one or more selected photos in iPhoto either in the Information pane for the photo or by choosing Photos Adjust Date and Time and working on the Adjust date and time of selected photos sheet (see figure 3.15). Select the Modify original files check box if you want to apply the date change to the original files rather than to iPhoto s copies.
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In cases where you can t safeguard the physical security of your files for example, when your solution is to be distributed to end users to run on their own computers, rather than being accessed from a server I recommend that you use the FileMaker Pro Advanced capability to permanently remove [Full Access] accounts from all copies of your solution files distributed to others or used in production. The removal of [Full Access] accounts provides good protection against direct access to your solution s code (file structure, calculations, scripts, and so on) within your database files. Additionally, it provides some protection against various methods that might be used to gain indirect access to the code. However, the removal of [Full Access] accounts may not prevent a skilled user from using third-party tools to tamper with the remaining accounts or to directly read or modify your solution s files.
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1. Select the entire range that contains the array formula. 2. Press F2 to enter Edit mode. 3. Press Ctrl+Enter. This step enters an identical (non-array) formula into each selected cell. 4. Change your range selection to include additional or fewer cells. 5. Press F2 to re-enter Edit mode. 6. Press Ctrl+Shift+Enter.
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To create these elements, use the New command in the flyout menus for the following panels: Swatches (F5), Character Styles (Shift+ +F11 or Ctrl+Shift+F11), Paragraph Styles ( +F11 or Ctrl+F11), Table Styles, Cell Styles, and Object Styles ( +F7 or Ctrl+F7). You can also use the flyout menus Load commands to import colors and styles from existing documents instead of creating them from scratch.
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Specifying an external style sheet s media type
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Clearly, rhizosphere biology and microbiology offer fascinating challenges for future research.
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Creating custom functions Importing tables from other FileMaker databases Adding tooltips Creating custom menus Compacting and optimizing databases Using the Developer Utilities
4. Choose View Code and Design to display page code and design together. Note that the null link is selected in both the Code and Design portions of the Document window and looks something like the following:
Memory Stick Door Won t Close
Setting Up Styles
A typo can make a significant impression, and not the one you want to make. Not many things are more embarrassing than showing a new Web site to a client and having that client point out a spelling error. Dreamweaver includes an easy-to-use Spell Checker to avoid such awkward moments. Make it a practice to spell check every Web page before it s posted online. You start the process by choosing Text Check Spelling or pressing the keyboard shortcut Shift+F7. This sequence opens the Check Spelling dialog box, as shown in Figure 8-4. FIGURE 8-4
See 17 for more information on navigation bars.
As the name indicates, nodeToOffsets() is the inverse of offsetsToNode(). Instead of converting memory offsets to an object, nodeToOffsets takes an object reference and returns its memory offsets. This is useful when you manipulate a substring of the selection, usually text. For example, in the custom command Change Case (included on the CD-ROM that comes with this book), after the selected object is retrieved via getSelection and offsetsToNode, nodeToOffsets expresses it in an array that can be uppercased or lowercased at the click of a button. Here s a fragment of the code from the custom upperCase() function:
Using the download() method, you can download a file from a URL to the user s computer. However, the user has to grant permission. When the download() method is called a new dialog box is opened, and the user is prompted to save the file. The user has the choice to click Save or Cancel. The download() method requires two parameters. The first parameter is the URL to an HTTP resource to download. The second parameter is a string specifying the default save as the file name.
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