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At the information layer, although many of the technologies are available today (even if only in a limited form), a number of the topics still require further research. These include
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TIP To synchronize the preview magnification for a number of files, select the thumbnails and then double-click the Zoom tool icon (sets magnification to 100% for selected files), or double-click the Hand tool (sets magnification to Fit in View). Alternatively, after selecting the thumbnails, use the Set Zoom Levels controls at the bottom left of the preview. Likewise, to scroll all the images simultaneously and in synch, select the thumbnails and then use the Hand tool.
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is the essential ingredient. The calculation of (3.98) could become quite tedious because of the y-matrices in (3.97), but there exists some mathematical machinery that can simplify this task (Feynman, 1961)
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The next step is to sum up these quantities for each month and year combination. The following formula shows how this is done in for cell B10 of the worksheet.
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polished (to prevent excessive entrainment and dif culty lling the tube during insertion) and that a well-regulated extrusion device be employed. Once samples have been obtained, one can use a variety of available chemical, optical, spectroscopic, chromatographic, or other assays to determine concentration. For example, data in Figure 15-7 were obtained using a calibrated densitometric technique in which one of the two species was colored in advance. Similar results have been obtained using other assay techniques, such as re ection near infrared spectroscopy to evaluate concentrations of magnesium stearate (a common pharmaceutical lubricant) or conductivity assays to evaluate the mixing of salt (NaCl, KCl) in anionic excipients (Avicel).
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Use the Adjust View Settings area to determine what Typical, Optimized, and High Quality should mean in your copy of InDesign. Click the tick mark for the quality level you want to set in each of the three graphical view aspects (Raster Images, Vector Graphics, and Transparency). You can also click and drag the sliders to the desired tick mark. Note that you must move the slider all the way to a tick mark; you cannot choose a setting in between tick marks. For raster (bitmap) images and vector graphics, you have three options: Gray Out, Proxy, and High Resolution. Proxy means a low-resolution version (72 dpi). For transparency, there are three quality levels available Low, Medium, and High as well as Off, which doesn t display objects behind transparent portions of an image. The Adjust View Settings area also has two controls for text:
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12.15 Slideshow options include looping the slideshow, displaying navigation arrows, and including titles and comments.
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Using the Yahoo! Search Web Services module is pretty easy just supply your application ID, search terms, and a maximum count of results (up to 50) to create an instance of yahoo. search.webservices.WebSearch. This object s parse_results() method is called and dumped into a list and then it s sorted in reverse-chronological order. Oh yeah, and this is an improvement over Google s API. Search results returned by Yahoo! Search each contain a ModificationDate in seconds since the UNIX epoch, which is a little easier to deal with than Julian date. Not only that, but you can handle the sorting and date range logic in your own program, rather than constructing a special search query term. Modification dates really are the key to extracting decent feeds from search results. Although ordering by relevancy is important when you re searching in person, it s more important to get fresh results back when you re running persistent and repeated searches. So, armed with a set of sorted search results, the method loops through to build FeedEntryDict objects, initializing each with a mapping from Yahoo! Search result data to feed entry attributes. This mapping is pretty painless. In each search result record, there s a title, a link, a summary, and a modification date, all of which carries into a feed entry nicely.
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We ve heard reports of perceived problems with the new Pen Tool. Some users noted that Pen paths seemed to add points when adding keyframes, or between sessions. Naturally, this seemed very odd, so we did some research through a contact at Macromedia and here s what we found out. The Macromedia Flash Player is driven by quadratic curves, which differ from B zier curves in two ways: They are faster drawing and they result in a more compact file. This is partially because they employ a single tangent handle for each node, rather than the two tangent handles per node in a B zier format. The Flash Editor is also driven by quadratics, and even when drawing with the Pen Tool, the internal curve descriptions are still in quadratics so, you can always push and pull on those Pen Tool curves, and do many other things in the customary Flash manner. Therefore, each time you choose the Pen Tool, Flash converts selected lines to an onscreen B zier representation in order to support B zier-style curve editing. When the editing is done, Flash converts the curve back to quadratics for storage and display the B zier nodes aren t stored. At the next Pen Tool editing session, the B zier representation is created, on the fly from the stored quadratic definition. This can lead to some confusion, because it may appear as though the number of points has increased. However, there s no worry about too many points, or changed points, because in the strict Flash sense those points don t really exist in the file. What is important is the overall shape complexity that is stored in the saved quadratic representation. When you optimize a line by reducing points with the Pen Tool, this reduces complexity and that is retained when the file is saved. Summary: You will see your shapes accurately retained, but because the B zier nodes are calculated on demand and only appear while editing, the points may display differently between sessions.
After you ve entered a formula, you can (of course) edit that formula. You may need to edit a formula if you make some changes to your worksheet and then have to adjust the formula to accommodate the changes. Or the formula may return an error value, in which case you edit the formula to correct the error. The following are some of the ways to get into cell edit mode: n Double-click the cell, which enables you to edit the cell contents directly in the cell. n Press F2, which enables you to edit the cell contents directly in the cell. n Select the cell that you want to edit, and then click in the Formula bar. This enables you to edit the cell contents in the Formula bar. n If the cell contains a formula that returns an error, Excel will display a small triangle in the upperleft corner of the cell. Activate the cell, and you ll see a Smart Tag. Click the Smart Tag, and you can choose one of the options for correcting the error. (The options will vary according to the type of error in the cell.)
where i labels the quarks in the bag. The mean-square charge radius for a hadron is then given by
Figure 7-20 Laminar mixing of uids by division and recombination (KMS mixer). Cross-sections of the mixer are shown in sequence from left to right, top to bottom. (Courtesy of Chemineer, Inc.) See insert for a color representation of this gure; for the animation, see the Visual Mixing CD af xed to the back cover of the book.
Illustrator Basics
To select any object on a document page, click it. If you can t seem to click it, it might be an object placed by a master page (a preformatted page used to format pages automatically) or it might be behind another object. To select an object placed by a master page, press Shift+ or Ctrl+Shift while you click. To select an object that is completely behind another object, +click it or Ctrl+click it. To select multiple objects, click and drag around the objects or Shift+click them individually. Because you need to press Shift anyway while selecting objects placed by master pages, you can always multiple-select those objects. Then apply the desired transformation or effect. For example, to move selected objects, click somewhere within the objects and drag the mouse. To resize a selected object, click and drag any handle. (Press Shift+ or Ctrl+Shift while you drag to maintain the proportions of the object.) To resize both a selected frame and its graphic, press or Ctrl while you drag. Press Shift+ or Ctrl+Shift to keep things proportional. To rotate an object, hover the mouse just outside a corner; when you see the curved-arrow pointer, you can then use the mouse to rotate the object. You can also use the Control panel and the other tools explained in Part III on the selected object.
InDesign libraries are cross-platform. That is, you can open libraries created on a Mac using a PC and vice versa.
display : inline; left : 10px; position : absolute; top : 35px; } body.category1 #nav ul#subcat1 a, body.category2 #nav ul#subcat2 a, body.category3 #nav ul#subcat3 a, body.category4 #nav ul#subcat4 a { background : #fff; border-left : 1px solid #ccc; color : #990000; font-weight : normal; line-height : 1.2em; margin-right : 4px; padding : 2px 10px 2px 10px; text-decoration : none; border: none; }
Scene and Symbol Bar
n URL: Choose this type when the attribute value points to a file or requires an Internet address, such as the href attribute of the <a> tag. Designating an attribute as a URL type enables Dreamweaver to update the link if the file is moved or renamed. n Color: Use the Color type for those attributes specifying a color value, such as the <tr> tag s bgcolor attribute. The major benefit of identifying color-related attributes as such is the color picker that is made available in the Template Properties dialog box. n True/False: Select this type if the attribute is a Boolean, meaning it accepts a value of true or false only for example, the <embed> tag s hidden attribute. n Number: Choose the Number type when an attribute requires a numeric value, such as the <img> tag s height and width attribute.
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