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Desulfotomaculum acetoxidans, type I methanotrophs
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9 Checking Out the Library: Symbols and Instances
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FIGURE 3-9: Err displayed on the indicator screen
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Fast save
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If you specify text-wrap settings when no objects are selected, the settings are automatically applied to all new objects.
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The process of using the SimpleSocket class is fairly simple. Start by setting up a new Flash movie. This movie makes an import call, which is responsible for loading the custom class. code 128
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8 Working with Text
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8. A hollow cathode has an orifice diameter of 2.5 mm and a xenon gas flow of 4 sccm with an effective temperature of 2000 K. Assume that the neutral gas density falls exponentially from the orifice exit with a characteristic length of 0.5 mm (i.e., one e-folding for every 0.5 mm of distance from the cathode). Assuming 15-V primary electrons in the cathode plume and that all of the ions generated fall back through the sheath, find the location downstream of the orifice exit where a double layer might occur.
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Using the Formatting Tools in the Home Tab
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For many reasons, I decided to use the Motion Tween as much as possible in my film. One, it is a very fast and economical way to animate. Two, it maintains the line quality, which was important to me. Three, the computer tweens with such ease! I occasionally use the Shape Tweens, but I found that, for my purposes, I have to keep the shapes as simple as possible; otherwise, Flash generates unacceptable inbetweens.
Interest = Principal * Rate * Term
Properties view for a new Flash component
6. If you want to choose advanced options, click Show Advanced. A hidden section at the
Earlier in this chapter, I mentioned a few free Dashboard widgets for keeping track of your To-Do list: To Do (, DoBeDo (, and iCal GTD (ConceptDraw Labs, p=9). If you re really making a push to get organized, however, you re going to need quick access to your Address Book data and your iCal schedule, and Dashboard is the easiest way for your iMac to provide that access. Mac OS X comes with an Address Book widget that s basically just a search field. Type the name or other info for which you re looking into the field, and hits start coming up as you type. To view full details for a listing, click the name; click the orange arrow in the search field to return to the list of search results. If you print a lot of envelopes, you ll probably also be interested in EasyEnvelopes (free,, which enables you to print envelopes using a super-easy interface without ever starting Address Book (see figure 5.13). I also like Happy Birthdays! (, a widget that displays upcoming birthdays from your Address Book, with the next one listed first; clicking a birthday takes you to the Address Book entry for that person. There s also a built-in calendar widget in OS X, called iCal widget, that has three panes: one showing the date, another showing the month, and a third listing your events for the day (see figure 5.14). To cycle between showing one, two, or all three panes, just click the widget s first pane repeatedly.
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