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28 Revving Up Generator
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Getting Eclipse
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Figure 5-16: This chart displays a moving average.
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Workgroup Publishing Techniques
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iLife 09 Portable Genius
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How GOES It ( Want to see how the weather looks from up there The How GOES It widget shows you the latest view from the GOES weather satellite operated by NASA (see figure 5.17). Radar in Motion ( With this widget, you ll get an animated view of the latest weather radar images at the location you specify.
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The Tools panel contains fill and stroke icons, which are located in the Paint Style section of the Tools panel and shown in Figure 5.20. By default, the fill is set to White, and the stroke is set to 1-point Black. But you can reset to the default fill and stroke by clicking the Default Fill and Stroke icon in the lower-left corner of the Paint Style section. You can also quickly swap between the colors in the Fill and Stroke icons by clicking the Swap Fill and Stroke icon located in the upper right of the Paint Style section. pdf417 free
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Part IV
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Using open source programs
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n GIF Options section: Here, you choose the color palette in the Palette pop-up menu, with choices of Adaptive (No Dither), Web, System (Mac), and System (Win). Ask your Web master what to use; usually, you select Adaptive (No Dither). For very large images, interlacing can make on-screen display over the Web seem faster (by building the image line by line rather than waiting until the whole image has been transferred to the browser before anything is displayed); if you want to have such interlaced display of GIF files, select the Interlace option. n JPEG Options section: Here, you have options similar to those for GIF files. In the Image Quality pop-up menu, choose the desired image quality (Low, Medium, High, and Maximum). In the Format Method, choose Progressive to have the file displayed progressively (similar to the interlace option for GIF files) or Baseline to display it all at one time. Unless your images are very large, keep the default Baseline. When you export an XML file with graphics, InDesign automatically embeds XMP media management properties with the graphics tags. You can view those properties by choosing File File Info or pressing Option+Shift+ +I or Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I and then choosing the Advanced pane. This information may be of interest to your content engineer but has no real meaning for the page designer. However, the content engineer may want to fill out the information in the File Info dialog box s other panes Description and Origin into which you can add comments, creator information and contact details, copyright information, credit and source information, keywords, and copyright URLs.
New Feature Dreamweaver s Selection menu is activated whenever a section of code is selected. Eleven varied, but extremely useful, functions are available, as shown in Figure 6-15. All the procedures take effect immediately and require no further dialog box or interaction. Just select the code, choose the operation, and you re done. The Selection functions are especially helpful when cleaning imported code or when converting code to text or vice versa.
Using Expressions and Strings
The best way to create an event procedure is to let the VBE do it for you.
Follow these steps to turn on the USB data transfer function: 1. Plug the mini-USB end of your USB cable into your PSP (see Figure 3-13) and the other end into your computer.
Typographers have long had a wide arsenal of spaces, dashes, and hyphens to control text appearance. Although word processors offer some of these characters, InDesign goes way beyond what most people even know exists.
To learn more about Bochs, which is a SourceForge project, go to http://bochs.
Copy Images: Use this popup menu to determine how the InDesign document s images are converted when copied to the folder you are saving your XHTML pages to. Your options are Original, which leaves them untouched (meaning that they won t be converted into Web-compatible formats); Optimized, which converts them to the Web format specified in the Image Conversion popup menu; and Link to Server Path, which does not copy the file but instead inserts an image link (<IMG SRC>) to the current location. Formatted: Select this check box to export the images to reflect any modifications made to them in InDesign, such as cropping, transparency, or scaling. Otherwise, the raw source files are exported (under the assumption that you will manipulate them further in a Web editor or image editor). Image Conversion: Use this popup menu to specify what format images are converted to: GIF, JPEG, or Automatic (which selects the best format on a case-by-case basis). GIF Options: Use the Palette popup menu to choose the color palette for the image: Adaptive (No Dither), Web, System (Win), or System (Mac). For Web display, the first two are best; use the other two for pages meant to be shown on a specific platform, such as pages available only on an internal company Web site. Select the Interlace check box to speed up the initial screen display of the images while the page is loading, but note that this can slow down overall page loading, so you should use it only with very large images. JPEG Options: Use the Image Quality popup menu to select the image quality and thus the amount of compression (greater compression means lower quality): Low, Medium, High, or Maximum. Use the Format Method popup menu to control how the image appears as it loads on the Web page: Baseline (all at one time) or Progressive. Note that choosing Progressive can slow down overall page loading, so you should use it only with very large images.
If hash symbols (#) fill a cell that contains a numerical value, the column isn t wide enough to accommodate the information in the cell. Widen the column to solve the problem.
Figure 11.13. E-plane results for rectangular grid (dashed line) and triangular grid (solid line). (a) is TETE and (b) is TMTM. 6.8 GHz and 15 modes.
FIGURE 7.20 Opaque objects (the figure) block the transparency grid, while transparent ones (the R and its drop shadow) allow it to be seen.
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