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Figure 18.9 Communication model showing subservices of event service.
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code. As you begin to develop Web applications you will learn to follow rigid guidelines as far as security is concerned. Now that you have looked at how to use cookies in PHP, you can look at using cookies in Flash. The process of using cookies in Flash is very similar, but offers some advantages that you will look at.
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# Finally, update feed_db[uri] = { last_poll : etag : modified : } the notes remembered for this feed. time.time(), feed_data.get( etag , None), feed_data.get( modified , None)
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3. Type a descriptive name for your shared photos in the Shared name box. 4. If you want to password-protect your shared photos, select the Require password
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To bring a photo into iMovie from iPhoto, you use the Photos browser pane. Click the Photos browser button (see figure 5.17) to open the Photos browser pane. After you open the Photos browser pane (see figure 5.18), use its controls to navigate to the photo you want.
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The preceding question is about averages of samples. Something called the Central Limit Theorem in statistics sheds light on precisely the subject of the average of a subset of values randomly selected from a larger group. This theorem says that if we repeatedly take samples of a given size, then the distribution of the averages of these samples approximates a normal distribution, whose average and standard deviation are based on exactly three factors:
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4.23 Type the passkey on the Mac with which you re pairing.
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Seven panels are used in InDesign to provide functionality related to formatting and managing objects:
Measuring an Image
Figure 9.1 Host-to-device timing diagram of a PS2 port.
This category contains script steps to open the appropriate dialogs for modifying preferences, creating database definitions (field and relationships), getting Help, accessing ScriptMaker, and changing the network/Internet sharing.
The following tips, tricks, and tweaks can be performed on Windows or UNIX installations. This is because they are specific to Apache and not the environment it runs on. When working on development systems it isn t rare to require more than one installation of Apache. This could be to test bleeding-edge code, support more plug-ins, or just to ensure a project is running on a clone of the live system. The installation process of Apache stays pretty much the same. You only need to change the prefix option by pointing it to a new/different location. You can run multiple versions of Apache; however, they require separate installation locations. Running multiple versions of Apache at the same time using only the default installation options isn t possible. This is due to Apache being set up to listen for requests on port 80 by default. You can modify the port that Apache listens on by editing the configuration file. The configuration files are located in the conf/ directory, which is located in the directory that you designate during the Apache install. For example, you can change the port that Apache runs on. Start by opening the configuration file. To open the configuration file in UNIX, use vi.
Laying the Groundwork in Dreamweaver CS3
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