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TABLE 15-2
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11. Rotate/Copy the rail along the midpoint of the bot-
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THIS CHAPTER INTRODUCES YOU to Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). VBA is Excel s programming language and it is used to automate various aspects of Excel including charts. This chapter provides some basic background knowledge of VBA and the Visual Basic Editor and sets the stage for the information presented in subsequent chapters.
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Figure 5-4 Sodium iodide crystal scintillation detector.
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FIGURE 10-1: Running for the first few times
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How Long between Two Dates
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Working with SQL in Microsoft Query
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5.3 Unitary Symmetries
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1 Welcome to Fireworks MX
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The Submit button does just what it says it causes the information in the form to be sent to the data processing program. It has no other function, and no form can do anything without this button unless its creator has worked a custom JavaScript program into the equation. The Submit button is required on most forms.
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The Insert bar has been completely restyled for this release to make it more accessible to new users. You can even switch between the different categories being available as dropdown list or as a series of tabs. The ultimate in accessibility, however, has to be the Insert bar s Favorites category. Now you can personalize an entire category and display just those objects you use most frequently.
if(!file_exists( importantFile.php )) { $error = Sorry, one of the core components could not be loaded ; exit($error); // display clean error and exit remaining script } require( importantFile.php ); // never runs, if file doesn t exist
After installing ColdFusion, follow these steps to set up the sample Web service included with the Flex project:
Figure 35-13: The Log In User server behavior verifies that the user may be granted access.
You see the current style settings. Click any of the arrows in the Style Settings section to get more details on how they are set for this object style. You can apply the new style to the currently selected item by selecting the Apply Style to Selection option.
Setting the container height
Clipping paths
Dimensionless Parameters
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