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The code in Listing 24.3 is available in the Web site files as in the helpers package of the chapter24 project. n
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< xml version= 1.0 encoding= utf-8 > <s:Application xmlns:fx= xmlns:s= library:// xmlns:mx= library:// > <s:layout> <s:VerticalLayout horizontalAlign= center paddingTop= 20 /> </s:layout> <fx:Script> <![CDATA[ import mx.collections.ArrayCollection; import mx.controls.Alert; import mx.rpc.AsyncToken; import; import; [Bindable] private var myData:ArrayCollection protected function button1_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void { getDataResponder.token = contactService.send(); } protected function getData_resultHandler(event:ResultEvent):void { myData = event.result.contacts.row; } protected function faultHandler(event:FaultEvent):void {, event.fault.faultCode); } ]]> </fx:Script> <fx:Declarations> <s:HTTPService id= contactService url= data/contacts.xml /> <s:CallResponder id= getDataResponder result= getData_resultHandler(event) fault= faultHandler(event) /> </fx:Declarations> <s:Button label= Get Data click= button1_clickHandler(event) /> <mx:DataGrid dataProvider= {myData} /> </s:Application>
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Table 8.1 File Formats for Uploading to Google Docs
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Part I Come See the Fireworks
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References specific problem in electron microscopy, holography actually presented a solution to a fundamental question of wave recording and reconstructing- so fundamental that it eventually won the Nobel Prize in Physics for its inventor, Prof. Dennis Gabor (in 1971, after the advent of the laser had made the impact of holography visually obvious). Unlike photography (and painting, drawing, printing, etc.), holography enables steering light in a way that reconstructs the directions of light rays coming from a 3-D scene. That additional degree of freedom (or of fidelity, if you prefer to think of it that way) is what makes a hologram the most complete and visually satisfying 2-D record of a 3-D scene we know how to make, as it works with the strongest perceptual cue by which our eyes and brains interpret depth. The ability to produce a thin piece of material that causes light to go in controllable directions (by means of diffraction) is such a useful feature that holographic processes find many valuable applications other than just making attractive pictures. But this book will largely concentrate on the three-dimensional window view upon reality that Gabriel Lippmann predicted (another Nobel Prize winner in Physics, and the inventor of a. 3-D technique called integral photography ).
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Switches to the Code workspace if in Design, or the Design workspace if in Code. Hides all panels to provide a full-screen work area for the artboard. Shows or hides the HUD.
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Color Mixer panel
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Select one or more page icons in the Pages panel and either click and drag them to the pane s Delete Selected Pages iconic button (the trash can icon) or simply click the Delete Selected Pages iconic button. Click a spread s page numbers to select both pages. You can click a page icon or spread number and then Shift+click another page icon or spread number to select a range of pages. Press and hold or Ctrl and click page icons or spread numbers to select multiple, noncontiguous pages. Select one or more page icons in the Pages panel and then click Delete Pages or Delete Spreads from the panel s flyout menu. Choose Layout Pages Delete Pages. Any pages or spreads selected in the Pages panel are deleted. (If one or more spreads are selected, the menu option is Delete Spreads.) This is not a terribly useful option because you have to have the Pages panel open and thus may as well just use its flyout menu to delete pages.
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Figure 7.6 Block diagram of a UART verification circuit. generate code 39
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7: Working with Events
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Like all data transfers on the Internet, FTP file transfers sometimes go awry: Servers are busy or down, file/directory permissions are improperly set, passwords are misspelled, and so on. If you run into an FTP transfer problem with your Dreamweaver Put File(s) or Get File(s) command, you can use the FTP Log panel to find out exactly what went wrong. The FTP Log panel displays all your FTP file-transfer activity. To display the FTP Log panel, first choose Windows Results or use the keyboard shortcut F7. Then, select the FTP Log category from the Results panel.
All programs have their limits. Most limitations are intentional and serve to focus the tool for a particular use. Some limitations are accepted because of programming budgets for both money and time with the hope that the boundaries can be exceeded in the next version. With Dreamweaver, one small section of those high, sharply defined walls has been replaced with a doorway: C-level extensions. With the proper programming acumen, you can customize Dreamweaver to add the capabilities you need. As with most modern computer programs, the core of Dreamweaver is coded in C and C++, both low-level languages that execute much faster than any noncompiled language, such as JavaScript. Because C is a compiled language, you can t just drop in a function with a few
So the turbulent kinetic energy dissipation rate at the end of the jet can be calculated from quantities that are known: the jet velocity at the nozzle, the nozzle diameter, and the path length. Blend time data measured in three scales of vessel were tted to this relationship and the regression showed that the exponent was 1 as expected. 3 Equation (9-61) is rearranged using x = 1 to give 3 = KZ for the conditions: Re > 10 000 (turbulent ow) 0.2 < H/T < 2.0 0.178 < V < 1200 m3 1.32 10 2 < (UD/Z) < 0.137 m/s 86 < Z/D < 753 Z2 UD (9-62)
Check the connection
Hardware Dimensioning Studies
37. Add mullions and further divisions to the Main Entry Door component started in the
Images are defined on a rectangular region of an integer plane with a picture element, or pixel, at each grid point. Pixel values are integers with 0, 1, 2, 4, or 8 bits per pixel, and all pixels in a given image have the same size, or depth. Some operations allow images with different depths to be combined, for example to do masking. When an image is displayed, the value of each pixel determines the color of the display. For color displays, Inferno uses a fixed color map for each display depth (see rgbv(6)) and the application is responsible for mapping its desired colors to the values available. Facilities exist to convert from (red, green, blue) triplets to pixel values. Note that the triplet (255, 255, 255) maps to a pixel with all bits zero. Terminology Point The graphics plane is defined on an integer grid, with each (x, y) coordinate identifying the upper left corner of the corresponding pixel. The plane's origin, (0, 0), resides at the upper left corner of the screen; x and y coordinates increase to the right and down. The abstract data type, Point defines a coordinate position. Rect The type Rect defines a rectangular region of the plane. It comprises two Points, min and max, and specifies the region defined by pixels with coordinates greater than or equal to min and strictly less than max, in both x and y. This half-open property allows rectangles that share an edge to have equal coordinates on the edge.
Justify Text Next to an Object: If this option is selected, it overrides any local justification settings that justify text that wraps around an object. That means the text smoothly follows the object s shape, rather than keeps any ragged margins that can make the wrap look strange. This option comes into play when you wrap ragged (left-aligned or rightaligned) text around objects. I recommend that you avoid wrapping text on its ragged side; doing so looks awkward. Although this option eliminates the awkwardness of ragged text that wraps around an object, it presents a different awkwardness: having some text ragged (that which is not wrapping) and some text justified (that which is wrapping). Skip by Leading: When selected, this option uses the text s leading to determine how much space follows an object that it is wrapping. This option has an effect only if you choose the Jump Object text-wrap option in the Text Wrap panel. (See 13 for more on text wrap.) Text Wrap Only Affects Text Beneath: If selected, this option has only text that s below an object wrap around that object. This lets some text overlap an image and some text overwrap it, depending on the text s location in the stacking order.
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