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1. From the Server Behaviors panel, choose Update Record. The Update Record dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 22-17.
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When your solution is hosted using FileMaker Server, you can make data access (for both read and write) available via XML (Extensible Markup Language) and XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language
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In an ideal world, a Web designer works on one page at a time, carefully crafting each and every detail. Well, it s far from an ideal world and often designers are working on several pages simultaneously and over multiple sessions. If your workflow fits into this real-world model, this option makes your life a little easier.
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1. Switch to Layout mode and click to select the object whose attributes you want to duplicate. If you select multiple objects, only the attributes that they have in common will be copied. 2. Click the Format Painter icon (the paintbrush) on the Standard toolbar or choose Format Format Painter. 3. To apply the formatting of the selected object(s) to one object, click that object. The formatting is applied, and the Pointer tool is reselected. or To apply the formatting to multiple objects, drag a selection rectangle around the objects. When you complete the selection rectangle by releasing the mouse button, the formatting is applied to all selected objects.
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security information in them at all, requiring the use of an alternative mechanism to bind name and identity. We believe this is critical as Grids become widespread and consist of thousands of diverse organizations. Second, binding resolvers in OGSA currently are location- and protocol-speci c, severely reducing the exibility of the name-resolving process. To address these issues, Avaki has proposed the Secure Grid Naming Protocol (SGNP) [11] to the Global Grid Forum (GGF) as an open standard for naming in Grids. SGNP ts quite well with OGSA, and we are actively working with IBM and others within the GGF working group process to nd the best solution for naming. It is interesting to note the similarity of Legion to OGSI. Both architectures have at their core the notion of named entities that interact using method calls. Both use multilayer naming schemes and re ective interface discovery and defer to user-de ned objects how those names will be bound, providing for a wide variety of implementations and semantics. The similarity is not a surprise as both draw on the same distributed systems literature. As for security, at this juncture there is no security model in OGSA. This is a shortcoming that we certainly expect to remedy soon at least as far as authentication and data integrity. The Globus group [21] has a long history in this area [22]. The Avaki security model was designed to be exible, and has identity included in names. Further, the Avaki model has a notion of access control through replaceable modules called MayI that implement access control. The default policy is access control lists. There are many nonarchitectural differences between Avaki and OGSA Avaki is a complete, implemented system with a wealth of services. OGSA is a core architectural proposal not a complete system. It is expected that higher-level interfaces and components will be added to the basic OGSA substrate over a period of time at GGF. Finally, at Avaki we are fully committed to OGSI moving forward. We feel strongly that a foundation of good standards will accelerate the development of the Grid market and bene t everybody in the community, both users and producers of Grid software.
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<map name= navbar > <area shape= rect coords= 1,1,30,33 href= home.html alt= Home Page > <area shape= circle coords= 65,64,62 href= contacts.html alt= Information > <area shape= default href= index.html > </map>
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1. Fox, G. (2002) 4, in Dongarra, J., Foster, I., Fox, G., Gropp, W., Kennedy, K., Torczon, L. and White, A. (eds) The Sourcebook of Parallel Computing. San Francisco: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, ISBN 1-55860-871-0. 2. Synthetic Forces Express,
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Part I
The classical view of light is that of two coupled, mutually perpendicular oscillating elds (electric and magnetic) that propagate together. Typically, the behaviour of either eld can be de ned in terms of a vector known as the electric vector (E) and the magnetic vector (B) respectively (Figure 4.5). The behaviour of the electric vector is critical to electronic spectroscopy and to optical activity. Therefore, we will just concentrate on the electric vector for now. In the normal course of events, the electric vector may oscillate in any plane perpendicular to the direction of propagation. Plane polarised light is generated by means of a polariser, which restricts electric vector oscillation to a single plane (Figure 4.5). When two beams of plane polarised light are combined 90 ( /2) out of phase with respect to each other the two electric vectors combine to form a single electric vector that precesses around the direction of propagation mapping out a pathway that takes on the appearance of either a left- or right-hand corkscrew. Provided that both electric vectors are of equal magnitude then the result is either left- (EL ) or right-hand (ER ) circularly polarised light. If the electric vectors are of unequal magnitude then the corkscrew becomes asymmetric and the result is either left- or right-hand elliptically polarised light respectively (Figure 4.5).
The pivotal moment in the browser wars came with the release of Internet Explorer 5 when Microsoft s new free browser was demonstrably more powerful (and more CSS-rich) than Netscape s current commercial offering. Internet Explorer cemented its position with the next series of releases on various platforms, with widely different capabilities on the Macintosh and Windows. The latest versions of Internet Explorer made CSS more available to Web visitors, while simultaneously making it more complicated for Web developers to support. To properly target the full range of modern Internet Explorer browsers, you ll need a variety of techniques under your belt. In addition to being able to handle problems in specific browser versions, for the greatest degree of efficiency, you ll also want to master CSS hacks that address a range of versions. For example, there s a bug that causes text within multiple div tags to move increasingly to the left but only in Internet Explorer 5.5 and Internet Explorer 6, and not Internet Explorer 5. You must know which hack resolves the problem in both of the later browser versions, while leaving the earlier browser release unaffected. (Massive hint: This particular issue is solved by the Holly Hack, covered later in this chapter.)
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It s relatively straightforward to insert text wherever the cursor has been set in the document you just set a text string equal to the [innerHTML | data] property of the DOM at that point. However, how do you insert code in the <head> section of a Web page, where you don t generally find the cursor Certain code, such as <script> tags that hold extensive
3G Technology Strategy and Evolution Paths
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