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Figure 24.2 shows the resulting application, displaying the results of an E4X expression with namespaces to the user.
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As mentioned earlier in this chapter, the first step in developing a Flash site, or any other type of site, is to define the information architecture. In this tutorial, you learn how to define the goals and mission of the site.
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You can restrict which characters of a typeface are embedded in your application by declaring the unicodeRange style. This style takes an array of range designators, each starting and ending with a Unicode character in hexadecimal code.
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The Print dialog box provides many options for controlling how your Illustrator documents print.
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You can promote your business using Internet advertisement agencies. Internet Af liate marketing companies are available to aid in your marketing efforts. E-mail advertising is effective when directed to recipients who have requested information from you or your company. You can create an e-mail list of quali ed prospects by requesting an e-mail address in exchange for a free eBook. E-mail newsletters are an effective way to keep your customers and prospects informed.
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Movie clips are nested movies inside the main movie. You can add animation, actions, sounds, other symbols, and even other Movie Clips to Movie Clips. Movie Clips have their own timelines, which run independently of the Main Timeline. This can be useful for animations that continue running after the main movie has stopped. Unlike animated Graphic symbols, Movie Clips only need a single keyframe (the initial one) in the timeline of the main movie to play.
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SELECT COUNT(*) as numorders, COUNT(DISTINCT c.customerid) as numcusts, COUNT(DISTINCT householdid) as numhh FROM orders o LEFT OUTER JOIN customer c ON o.customerid = c.customerid
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You can also interlace a GIF, which means that the image quickly appears in a browser at a low resolution and then improves in resolution and quality as it continues to load. This allows readers to start seeing graphics on-screen even while the page is still downloading. It s more of a psychological thing than anything else. GIF files are becoming less and less common, as JPEG files have become the norm for most Web graphics.
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8: Using Flex Visual Controls
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recalibrated. Typically the source is attached to the side of the survey meter.
When you choose Objects Paths Open Path or click the Open Path iconic button, InDesign automatically selects the point where the path was opened, so you can immediately begin working with it (and know where it is).
When importing pictures from a camera, it s all too easy to import some of them twice for example, because you forgot to reformat the memory card after putting it back in the camera. iPhoto helps you avoid duplicate imports by warning you when you re about to import a digital photo you ve already imported, even if you ve changed the version that s already in iPhoto. Figure 2.10 shows an example of the warning. Select the Apply to all duplicates check box if you want iPhoto to carry your decision through to all duplicate photos in the batch you re importing rather than prompt you to rule on each one.Then click Import if you want to import the photo anyway, Don t Import to skip importing it, or Cancel if you want to cancel the import.
This expression gives the area of a circle with a radius equal to R.
SELECT householdid, MAX(CASE WHEN i = 1 THEN totalprice END) as pricefirst, MAX(CASE WHEN i = n THEN totalprice END) as pricelast FROM (SELECT o.*, c.householdid, COUNT(*) OVER (PARTITION BY c.householdid) as n, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY c.householdid ORDER BY orderdate ASC) as i FROM orders o JOIN customer c ON o.customerid = c.customerid ) h GROUP BY householdid
in the viewer.
Creating an acronym from a supplied phrase
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Figure 5-15 Geometry using solid surfaces with a cut in the wall and top to look inside.
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