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The method must be marked with override and public. The method s return datatype should be Event. Within the method:
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Collage the mixing of various images and other graphics is a very important design tool, on or off the Web. Whether you re overlapping bitmaps or just laying them side-by-side, Fireworks File Import command enables you to include an existing graphic wherever necessary in an open document. To include a bitmap in a document, follow these steps: 1. Choose File Import, or use the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+R (Command+R). Fireworks displays the Import dialog box. 2. Select your image and choose Open when you re done. The cursor changes to the Import cursor: a corner bracket. 3. Position the Import cursor wherever you would like the upper-left corner of the image to be initially located, and click once. The chosen image is inserted into the document as a new bitmap object and selected. If you need to adjust the position of the newly inserted bitmap object, select the Pointer tool, and click and drag it to a new place. For more precise placement, use the cursor keys to move the selected bitmap object any direction, one pixel at a time or the Property inspector to move the bitmap to a specific location.
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To control how a movie behaves and what control the reader has, choose Object Interactive Movie Options, as seen in Figure 32.7.
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As a general rule, specific dates are less important relative to the calendar time line than relative to the customer life cycle time line. Dates on the calendar time line should be turned into numbers of days before the cutoff date for the signature.
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JSP objects
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Kids can never understand why their parents like to draw with crayons as much as they do. The Crayon stroke in Fireworks captures that broken edge that gives realworld crayons character. The three Crayon presets are interesting to compare; if you look at the samples in Figure 8-10 and their details in Table 8-6, you see an obvious anomaly. The Rake preset has the smallest stroke size, but actually appears slightly thicker than both the Basic and Thick preset because the Rake preset uses four tips. It s as if you were simultaneously drawing with four crayons. With four tips, the lines overlap, and one tip can extend farther than the other three.
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As just discussed, Flash needs all actions to be placed within event handlers. There are two basic types of event handlers keyframes and event handler methods. When you place ActionScript code on a keyframe, it is executed when the playhead enters the frame. When you place code within an event handler method, the code is executed when the corresponding event occurs. There are many types of event handler methods, as you ll see in the section Event Handler Methods.
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Planning your multipledocument book project Creating and opening books Adding chapters to books Managing style sources across chapters Controlling page numbering, section variables, and chapter numbering Printing and exporting books
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Dynamic service creation: The ability to dynamically create and manage new service instances is a basic tenet of the OGSA model and necessitates the existence of service creation services. The OGSA model de nes a standard interface (Factory) and semantics that any service-creation service must provide. Lifetime management: Any distributed system must be able to deal with inevitable failures. In a system that incorporates transient, stateful service instances, mechanisms must be provided for reclaiming services and states associated with failed operations. For example, termination of a videoconferencing session might also require the termination of services created at intermediate points to manage the ow. We address this requirement by de ning two standard operations: Destroy and SetTerminationTime (within the required GridService interface), for explicit destruction and soft-state lifetime management of Grid service instances, respectively. (Soft-state protocols [20, 21] allow state established at a
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Previous chapters used custom markers to represent different pieces of information on a Google Map. You ve even looked at generating your own custom icons using different images. One of the issues with the Google Maps marker system is that the markers themselves are not very flexible.
From time to time, updated versions of the installer and Escape Excel Hell Utility Pak are posted on my Web site at
11.4.2 Downlink Transmit Diversity
When copying a Windows template from a CD to your hard disk, Windows might consider the resulting copy to be locked. (Because a CD is a locked media, Windows treats all the files on it as locked, too.) If the template doesn t work correctly when opened in FileMaker Pro, quit FileMaker Pro, locate the template on your hard disk, right-click its file icon, and then choose Properties from the shortcut menu that appears. On the Properties dialog s General tab (see Figure 17-3), remove the check mark from Read-only and then click OK.
You can create any number of groups and even create groups of groups.
Understanding the Basics
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