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of vehicles, as potentially a breakthrough in providing real world crash data to supplement existing information, to establish more effective vehicle standards, traffic laws, law enforcement, safety education, emergency response and highway design. Accordingly, we support efforts to collect, aggregate, analyze and use as much data from black boxes as is possible, for the purposes set forth above. significantly assist in the rapid, fair and cost effective settlement of claims and in fighting fraud. These data would be useful, especially in high value claims, to determine fault, mechanisms and forces of injury, driver behavior and vehicle performance. Information that would be useful includes data on: windshield wipers, steering, braking, speed, air bag deployment, headlights, points of contact, all other lights and signals, sound equipment, cell phone, seatbelts, direction of movement and sequence, horns, throttle and even air conditioning or heater use. Finally, we do not believe there are any insurmountable legal, privacy or technological obstacles to accomplishing these goals. In summary, we urge the agency to work through regulatory and voluntary efforts to achieve the collection, achieve analysis and widest use of as much data as possible from black boxes.
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Figure 3.2: Counting semaphore
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Generally, if you want to invoke the free-floating RealPlayer, you use a link; the href attribute is set to an address for a metafile, as follows:
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Useful CSS Manipulation
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(C.1) It is common t o use a set of kinematic variables s, p,, and y where f i is the center-of-mass energy, p , is the transverse momentum, and the rapidity y is defined bv y = -log +pL = tanh-'pL, 2 E-PL where E2 = p2 m 2 and pLz uL/c (longitudinal velocity). For small pL we have y N uL, so rapidity is a relativistic analog of velocity. A Lorentz boost along the longitudinal axis from a frame K to a frame K' changes the rapidity in a simple way: y' = y tanh-lp, (C-3) where p is the velocity of K' with respect to K . Thus distributions expressed in terms of y have shapes that are invariant under such boosts. The pseudorapidity 7 is defined by
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9 Inserting Images
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Catalyst bases much of its design paradigm around the idea of components. Almost every graphic in a Catalyst project ends up being either a component by itself or a part of a component.
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Enabling borders
Revolving objects
1. Drag a sublayer s content to another sublayer. 2. Click the sublayer. 3. Click the Delete button in the bottom of the layer panel (see Figure 20.13).
Using the Selection column
You can set up a simple logical formula to determine whether two cells contain the same entry. For example, use this formula to determine whether cell A1 has the same contents as cell A2:
Expression of antibiosis activity Expression of lipase activity Expression of biotin production
Document and Page Capabilities
As shown in Figure 7-2, direc.tor consists of a user interface sliced into two main areas a series of tag-browsing columns at the top, and bookmark search results at the bottom. Using the columns of tags populated from your collection, you can narrow down the list of results by tags. Each column specifies an additional tag keyword in the field at the top of the page, in which you can also supply a keyword prefixed with d: to perform search filtering on the description field in bookmarks.
The F-Test dialog box.
Fig. 6-19: Use Move/Copy to move the drawn line on the top surface along the vertical axis to fold the top face to make a roof.
9. Near the pot create a square face 2 6 by 2 6 . Draft the outline for the bench rail on the
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