Creating and Using Objects in Java

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You can draw both open and closed paths with the Pencil and Pen tools. Paths in Illustrator may cross themselves. When these paths cross, the fills may look a little unusual. Strokes look normal; they just overlap where paths cross. To create an open path, draw a path with the Pencil or Pen tool, but ensure that the beginning and end of the path are two separate points at different locations. Open paths with fills may look a little bizarre because Illustrator automatically fills in between the endpoints on the path, even if the imaginary line between the endpoints crosses the path. Figure 4.12 shows both open and closed paths drawn with the Pencil tool.
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2. Within the form, add a Hidden form field (Insert Form Objects Hidden Field) for
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There are two lists of zip codes, one in the Orders table and one in the Zipcensus table. How many zip codes are in each table and how many are in both This is a question about the relationship between two sets of zip codes. The right way to answer it is by comparing the zip codes in the two tables using the UNION ALL technique:
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Saving Space with the SELECT and OPTION Elements
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The Internet is a global, public collection of computer networks that are all interconnected according to the familiar client/server model. E-mail clients send to e-mail servers. File transfer clients fetch software packages from file transfer servers. And so on. All of these clients and servers must be running software that complies with the protocols of the Internet Protocol Suite, which most people know as TCP/IP, for the two major protocols themselves. The key to the position of the Internet in networking today is its current public status. The Internet began as a military network in 1969 and only went public in a big way in the early 1990s. The software available for the Internet was standardized, inexpensive (often bundled with other software and so free ), and well understood. It was not long before the software and protocols used for Internet access were also used for client/server computing on LANs. Of course, the client/server interactions within an organization were inherently private, not public. They were not characteristic of an Inter-net, but rather an intra-net, within the same organization. So the application of Internet client/server applications and protocols among the clients and servers within a single organization became known as an intranet. This preserved the privacy of the organization s internal network while at the same time taking advantage of the effectiveness and popularity of the Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP). The key here was the concept of a client being authorized to access a given server. In a private network, such authorization is implicit in the client s membership in the network, but not haphazard. For example, few organizations allow all clients to access the server with employee s salary information since the potential for abuse is much too high. There are occasions when it is even appropriate to allow clients from outside the organization to access servers within the organization over the Internet. An example would be with a manufacturer and its suppliers. An automobile manufacturer might require client access to a tire maker s server in order to place orders, check shipments, and perform various other tasks. This permission can be granted to such external clients, as long as the proper safeguards are in place to prevent abuses and further exposure to outside threats. This arrangement is known as an extranet, reflecting the external client relationship to the intranet servers. A lot of the security for these arrangements are provided by Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) based on various more or less standard security methods. A VPN can provide a way to exchange private information with confidence over the public Internet. The relationship between clients and servers across the Internet, within an intranet, and on an extranet is shown in Figure 1.2.
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FIGURE 29.11
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This table schema is placing the questions and answers in one table for simplicity. However, in a more robust application you would want to place the question and answers in two separate tables for better scalability. This is how you make a database more efficient. After the SQL is written, you can move on to developing the PHP code. This application has two actions: the ability to get poll data and to vote. In a more advanced application you would most likely have an editor and removal system.
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Table 1-5 Conversion Values for Units of Radioactivity One curie (Ci) 1 103 mCi 1 106 Ci 37 109 Bq 37 103 MBq One millicurie (mCi) 10 3 Ci 1 103 Ci 37 106 Bq 37 MBq One microcurie ( Ci) 10 6 Ci 10 3 mCi 37 103 Bq 37 10 3 MBq One bequerel (Bq)a 27 10 12 Ci 27 10 9 mCi 27 10 6 Ci 1 10 6 MBq One megabecquerel (MBq) 27 10 6 Ci 27 10 3 mCi 27 Ci 1 106 Bq
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When you create a Flex Project in Flash Builder, the New Flex Project wizard creates an output folder in which the debug version of the application and its supporting files are created. As I described in 3, the application s debug version file size is significantly larger than the release version that you deploy to your Web site or users desktops because it includes special information and functionality that can be used in a debugging session both by Flash Builder s debugging tools and by the fdb command-line debugger. The default name of the output folder is bin-debug. The name of the compiled debug version of the application is the same as the main application source file, but it has the .swf file extension.
On the other hand, if there is an extra space at the end of the text, you can see it:
Internet addresses get more complicated every day. Trying to remember them all correctly and avoid typos can make the Web designer s job unnecessarily difficult. Dreamweaver makes this task easier with the URLs category in the Assets panel. Using the Assets panel, you can drag-and-drop the trickiest URLs with ease. The Assets panel lists URLs that are already referenced somewhere within your site. If you want to link to the same URL again, just drag it from the Assets panel.
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10 Drawing and Painting
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