Part VI Enhancing Web Site Management and Workflow in Java

Drawer EAN-13 Supplement 5 in Java Part VI Enhancing Web Site Management and Workflow

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Use the Entry Style popup menu to select the paragraph style for the current TOC level. Use the Page Number popup menu to determine how page numbers are handled: After Entry, Before Entry, and No Page Number. You might use this last option for alphabetically arranged categories in a catalog, where you want to list page numbers only for product classes and specific products. If you want the page numbers to have a character style applied, choose that style from the Style popup menu to the right of the Page Number popup menu. Use the Between Entry and Number field and popup menu to choose what appears between the TOC text and the page number. You can type any characters you want, as well as have multiple characters; use the pop-up menu to select special characters such as bullets and tabs. In most cases, you would select a tab; the paragraph style selected earlier for the TOC entry would include leader information, such as having a series of periods between the text and the number. You can also apply a character style to the characters between the text and the page numbers through the Style popup menu at right.
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The only exception is when you define the calculation within the schema, and the field is returned from the current record in which case the TO name is optional. Adding the TO name enables FileMaker to determine the relationship path to use when retrieving a value from the field. Resolving the path requires both a start point and an end point. The TO name you supply with the referenced field name defines the end point. The start point is set via the Evaluate This Calculation From The Context Of menu at the top of the Specify Calculation dialog, as shown in Figure 12.1.
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The MakeSeriesTransparent macro works with the active chart and loops through each series. If the series is a bar or column series, it assigns its fill color to a variable and uses additional variables to remember the border settings for the series. It then creates a temporary shape object, sets the transparency to 40% and removes the border, copies the shape, pastes it to the series, applies the stored border settings, and deletes the shape. This all happens instantly. Figure 16-7 shows a chart before and after the series were made transparent. Note that in the bottom chart, the gridlines are visible through the columns.
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Changing the magnification level
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Part I Come See the Fireworks
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Part I Dreamweaver MX 2004 Basics
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<html> <head> <title>Bookmark Lightbox</title> <link href= ch06_bookmark_lightbox.css type= text/css rel= stylesheet /> <script src= type= text/javascript ></script> <script src= ch06_bookmark_lightbox.js type= text/javascript ></script> </head> <body> <h1>Bookmark Lightbox</h1> <ul id= thumbs ></ul> </body> </html>
The code in Listing 31.3 is available in the Web site files in the chapter31 project as AIRWebBrowser. mxml. n
This property returns the pathname to the Presets folder.
GSM, GPRS and EDGE Performance
Utilizing the -R flag to the Unix ls command enables the program to show the contents of sub directories, and the -F flag adds a / at the end of each directory name. Here s how http:// looks now:
In this code, we specify string values (denoted with quotes) for the actual text we want to insert into the textOutput Dynamic Text field variable. To insert a carriage return in the text, the newline constant is inserted between string values. 4. Save the Flash movie as dynamicText_internal.fla. 5. Test the movie (Ctrl+Enter or Command+Enter). The textOutput Dynamic Text field updates with the value assigned to the textOutput variable in ActionScript. You can also load text data into Input and Dynamic Text fields. This data can be returned from a simple text file (.TXT file) or from an application that resides on your Web server.
Mastering Ordered (Numbered) Lists
In InDesign, you use the Buttons panel to create buttons and other objects that have actions associated with them.
Figure 1-11: The processing for an IN with a subquery really uses a join operation.
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