Part IV Incorporating Dynamic Data in Java

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transferred, and played out in myriad ways. Of the hospitalized patients I have worked with, very few have had a secure job, a driver s license or photo identi cation, a high school diploma or college education, a viable support system, or even a home to return to: thus, their identities had become linked with institutionalization. As an example, Figure 2.32 shows two samples of work completed in a group with long-term institutionalized adults. The directive was to draw Who are you and this directive was given seven times over as the patients moved from one self-disclosure statement to another. The drawing on the left (Figure 2.32) was the rst drawing completed by one member and expresses quite bluntly his identity in his mind s eye. Another member, in therapy for drug sales and possession, depicted himself with hoards of money in his rst drawing (Figure 2.32, right side). Both of these renderings, as the rst drawings, are not mistakes but instead unconscious perceptions. It is commonly believed that the rst drawing identi es the artist s self-concept and identi cation (Machover, 1949). The identity diffusion that these gentlemen and this population experience is further complicated by the continuous struggles that were not mastered in adolescence. Erikson s sixth phase, intimacy versus isolation, is directly linked to the previous one, for if the adolescent fails to nd a true sense of identity the shift to intimacy with another is dif cult at best. One of the major obstacles, therefore, is retaining a sense of one s own identity while becoming involved in a united partnership. Given the same group directive as Figure 2.32, a young adult male answered the question Who are you by drawing four of his seven images with the opposite sex. The individual who drew Figure 2.33 had been incarcerated after having battered a female stranger he met on the street who rebuffed his advances. These images could be interpreted on numerous levels; however,
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For simple testing, you can attach to the chat server using the telnet method, as shown in Figure 8.3, which was explained at the beginning of the chapter. This method poses a graphical and usability limitation, so the next section is the process of developing the Flash application that will connect to this PHP socket server.
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Fig. 17-4: The AutoCAD XREF Menu and XREF Files. To the left of the menu is the overall site plan file with all the XREF information visible.
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public class Hello { function Hello() { } public function getSaying():String { return Hello World! ; } }
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This code creates a new variable named sectionCount. The length property of an array will return the current number of elements inside of the array. Therefore, because we put six elements into the array (in Step 6), sectionCount will be equal to 6. You may be wondering why we just didn t manually insert the value 6 here. The point to using an array is that we can change the elements of the array at any point, and the rest of our code will update automatically to reflect the changes. In this way, we are building a dynamic menu system. 8. Save your Flash movie as menuArray.fla. At this point, your Flash movie should resemble Figure 22-1. data matrix barcode
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238 Table 7.1. MAC header RLC header
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End-to-End Quality of Service over Cellular Networks
A further change to the Quick Start screen in FileMaker 10 is the inclusion of an additional option in the Create Database tab. As shown in Figure 4.23, a new option to Create a Database from an Existing has been added, with an adjacent pull-down menu providing the following options: n Excel 95-2004 workbook (.xls) n Excel workbook (.xlsx) n Tab Delimited text file n Comma Separated Values text file n Merge file n Bento Source When you choose the option to create a database file with an existing Excel, Tab delimited, CSV, Merge, or Bento data, FileMaker applies special defaults to create a file with the form (structure) and content of the file you select.
You define a visibility variable by making a selection and then clicking the Make Visibility Dynamic button (it looks like a gear/eyeball). Likewise, you define other variables by making a selection and then clicking the Make Dynamic button. These are context-sensitive, so if you select text, the button is labeled Make Text Dynamic, and if you select a graph, the button is labeled Make Graph Dynamic.
In this section, we go inside the productMovie symbol and add some navigation buttons for our product catalog. 1. From the Main Timeline of our mainMovie.fla, double-click the productMovie instance on frame 20 of the productMovie layer. Flash switches to Symbol Editing Mode. 2. Make a new layer on the productMovie timeline, and rename the layer to buttons. 3. Open the Buttons Library (Window Common Libraries Buttons). In the Buttons Library window, double-click the (circle) Button Set folder. Drag the Circle with arrow Button symbol to the productMovie Stage. Place the Button instance below and to the right of the monitor_1 Graphic symbol.
The random electron flux within a collision length of the sheath edge is given by
2.1 Quantization in Discrete Mechanics
New Feature
Testing out the server is done by making a call to localhost from your web browser at http://localhost/. As you can now see, the installation was a success. To further test and better understand how to modify the files Apache serves, create a new HMTL file and save it in the Apache Web root. Using your favorite text editor, which in UNIX will most likely be vi, create this new HTML file. The following commands assume you are using vi. Create a new file:
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