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How the Fidelity and Smoothness Options Affect a Line
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Lossy GIF compression
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This follows the logic from 11. The slope represents the growth in terms of the number of additional customers who make purchases each year in a zip code.
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Numerous features are available when the query can be graphically displayed. However, for SQL experts, this might be an annoying feature because editing the modified queries can take a longer than you might prefer. You can work around this feature by inserting a comment into the SQL query. The comments can be either single line (--) or block comment (/* */). After you add a comment line and leave the Microsoft Query program, the query will no longer be graphically displayed or modified by the Microsoft Query program.
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Figure 26.8 shows a simple layout that is a typical example of where you would use the Multiple Records option. You set up the placement of these records in the Multiple Record Layout pane, as the figure shows.
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3. To add a custom column, click the Add (+) button. A new entry at the end of the list is created. 4. Enter a unique name for the column in the Column Name field. If you enter an existing name, Dreamweaver warns you and requests a new name before proceeding. 5. Pick a Design Note field to link to the new column from the Associate with Design Note list. You can choose one of the suggested Design Note fields (assigned, due, priority, or status) or you can enter your own. Design Note fields may be uppercase, lowercase, or mixed-case; multiple words are also allowed. 6. Select an Alignment option from the list: Left, Center, or Right. Columns that hold numeric or date values should be aligned to the right. 7. Make sure the Show option is selected. 8. To share this column with fellow team members, choose the Share with All Users of this Site option. Selecting this option causes Dreamweaver to create a file called dwSiteColumnsAll.xml within the _notes folder on the remote site. When another member of your team connects to the site, Dreamweaver reads this file and incorporates it into that person s site definition. This enables any other user to see the same column set up on his or her system. 9. Use the up and down arrows to reposition the column. 10. To add additional columns, repeat Steps 3 through 9. 11. Click OK when you re finished. How might a team benefit from custom File view columns Some of the possibilities for custom columns include the following: Project Manager Lead Designer Lead Programmer Template Used
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FIGURE 1.1 A form enables you to enter or update information in your database.
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The preceding <meta> tag tells the browser that this page is, in fact, an HTML page and that the page should be rendered using the specified character set (the charset attribute). The key attribute here is http-equiv, which is responsible for generating a server response header.
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Mouse Click
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FIGURE 11.22
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Figure 9-25: The pivot chart, after making some modifications
createTextField( tDisplay , 1, 20, 20, 300, 30); tDisplay.text = Title: + this.id3.songname; }; sndTrack.loadSound( sample.mp3 , true);
Every file has its own account. There is no command with which you can create a universal account that works with all your databases other than the default Admin account or Guest account.
Databases: The What, Why, and How
Opening existing files
The CROSSJOIN operator takes two inputs and combines them in a very specific way. It produces a wider table that contains all the columns in the two inputs. Every row in the output corresponds to a pair of rows, one from each input. For instance, if the first table has four rows, A, B, C, and D, and the second has three rows, X, Y, and Z, then the output consists of all twelve combinations of these: AX, AY, AZ, BX, BY, BZ, CX, CY, CZ, DX, DY, and DZ. This is the general join operation.
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