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If you re working on a multipage document, you want to display the Pages panel. It lets you add, move, and delete document pages as well as create multipage spreads called gatefold spreads. If you re working on a long document with multiple parts and want to number each part separately, you can create sections to manage these multiple page-numbering schemes within the document. You can also have InDesign automatically add the correct page numbers for folios and continued lines, as well as section names in folios and other text. As you work on a long document, you can use the Pages panel to target a specific page or spread in the document window; to select multiple pages or spreads so that you can move, modify, or delete them collectively; and to navigate from page to page in a multipage document. InDesign provides visual indicators that let you know whether pages contain transparent objects, have their views rotated, or have page transition effects applied. You can also rotate page views and apply transition effects with the Pages panel and related Layout Page submenus. If you decide to change the layout of a publication after you ve started work, you can use the Layout Adjustment feature to automatically adjust the size and position of objects and guidelines when you change the document s page size, margins, or columns. If you take the time to integrate layers into your workflow, you can save time and effort in creating multilingual publications, produce multiple versions of a document, and benefit from greater flexibility with objects. Until you create new layers, all the objects are placed on the default layer. Although each layer has its own stacking order, the order of layers also affects stacking order.
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Each element should also be given a distinctive name that, as you might guess, falls in the province of the name attribute. The reason for this is that the name of the element is paired with the value of its entry when the form data is submitted. If the element has no name, there is no way to tell what the entry itself means. To illustrate this, let s say you have a text box that asks visitors to state their age. You give it the name age so that it s clear what the entered number means when it shows up in a report based on the form submission. This is accomplished by the following code:
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Inserting Flash and Shockwave Elements
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Figure 3-19 Injecting an equal viscosity additive (10% by volume) just upstream of the inlet region reveals nonuniform mixing in the standard Kenics. Tracer mixing patterns for Re = 10(10)1/3 are shown after (a) 8, (b) 12, (c) 16, and (d ) 20 mixer elements. An animation of this mixing geometry is included on the Visual Mixing CD af xed to the back cover of the book.
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One of the choices you make as soon as you start building a solution is what values to use as the keys for relationship match fields. For each table in a relational database, it s a good idea to have a unique ID field to use as the primary key (and for all other purposes, to identify the record).
Figure 4-23: The Validator preferences enable you to validate against one or multiple HTML schemes or server-side languages. Clicking Options enables you to choose which types of errors you want Dreamweaver to display and check for. The Display list includes Errors, Warnings, Custom Messages, and Nesting Errors. The Check For list includes Quotes in Text and Entities in Text. All options are checked by default, as shown in Figure 4-24.
Biotinylation of proteins
Saved Finds you create by using the preceding procedure are displayed in the Saved Finds menu for the current user account and will be available whenever you log in to the file with the same credentials. To change the order of saved Finds in the menu, to rename a saved Find, to edit the criteria for a saved Find, or to delete a saved Find, choose Records Saved Finds Edit Saved Finds to invoke the Edit Saved Finds dialog, as shown in Figure 4.11.
An anchor point without a control handle and an anchor point with a control handle are connected to new anchor points, resulting in a straight line segment and a curved line segment. Anchor point Straight line segment
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